Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's Thursday!!

Spinning: 40mins
Calories: 696

Ew! You can't have the BEST class ever and follow it with THE WORST. It is SO disappointing. Wednesday's class was invirgorating and challenging and AMAZING. My legs SHOOK most of the walk back to my desk as I struggle to get through the day.

This class was not only bad, but it was FULL of new people who didn't KNOW what they were doing and I found it VERY distracting. I am not claiming to be a PRO by any means, but I still want it done correctly, (reading back you'll notice I prefer to be in a class of experts I am struggling to keep up with). AND if you are new and don't know what 'correctly' looks like... I want an instructor to SHOW YOU!

I had these 3 guys in front of me... their bikes weren't set up right, they didn't understand the whole 'tension' thing, their posture was TERRIBLE and they walked out half way through leaving their sweaty bikes. It was all disturbing and HAD the instructor shown up on time she would have known they were new and HELPED them.

I barely sweat... I barely struggled and I was BORED!

All that being said... I wanted a KILLER workout, because I am cooking a YUMMY dinner for Richard tonight and I want to enjoy it GUILT free.

Oh well... double the distance tomorrow on the treadmill.


PS - I am nervous this week. I have gotten comfortable weighing in daily... knowing where I stand AND I was just about to break a MILESTONE. I want to see it. Hopefully I will on Saturday when I go home for the weekend...

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