Friday, March 5, 2010


Kick Boxing: 50min
Calories: 864

Congrats to DORIS! She ****ing killed me. And I normally don’t swear, I make an effort not too, but she earned it.

3 people showed up… just 3. You would think that would make it easier. NO CHANCE. We skipped, used weights, and did a circuit training ALL BEFORE getting on the bag. The routines were quick and precise. The direction was strong and invigorating… the class was AWESOME. I feel the BEST pain in the world today. I can barely lift my arms.

That class is why I LOVE working out… the sweat pours off your face and stains your t-shirt. Every muscle in your body aches, but you keep going because it FEELS good!

Exercise of the DAY!

Lay flat on your back. Feet on the floor, knees bent. PUT A MEDICINE BALL BETWEEN YOUR KNEES AND SQUEEZE. Now thrust your hips to the ceiling. Once elevated pulse forward for 20; Than pulse to the left for 20 and to the right for 20 and BACK to the centre. EVERY muscle in the lower half of your body will ACHE.

Than I thought FOR SURE I would be down this week… remember, Friday WEIGH IN. I don’t get it… I weighed myself last night before bed (just out of curiosity) because we all know we weigh more at night. I thought maybe all the sweating I did yesterday I would MAYBE be lower… I was right on the dot of the morning weigh (wow I sound obsessed with weigh ins). I thought for SURE this morning I would be down, but NOPE up three pounds! How the HELL does that happen? I didn’t eat or drink anything last night… and pee’d this morning. What happen overnight? I need to read about this. (I know I keep saying that, but I don’t understand).

2 killer work-outs in one day… I could get use to that.

Off today, but with the weather forecast (+9 on Sunday) I WILL be running this weekend, yay!


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