Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Kick Boxing: 50mins
Calories: 920!

And it was a GREAT Surprise! DORIS instructed the Tuesday Class. I wish that happen MORE often. She is incredible and with PAM (owner) joining the class... Doris pushed it even harder. I have NEVER sweat that much in my life.

I got to the end and my body wouldn't work. My muscle fought every step back to the change room AND I LOVED IT!

We did a FULL warm up of skipping, squats, running, lunges, stretches... followed by and INTENSE on the bag with everything from Punches and Kicks to Push-ups and *BURPIES!

Even the 'cool-down' had my heart rate increased. I am typically ok with sit-ups. I can hold my own and keep up with the best of them, but WOW... this was intense. We started with our legs straight up (as if you're walking on the ceiling) 20..hold... pulse. Then Legs bent, 20... hold... pulse. Then one leg straight up (the other foot is on the floor), 20... hold... pulse. Cross the elevated leg other the other and lift that foot off the ground, 20... hold... pulse. Straigthten the bottom leg (keep the other crossed over), 20... hold... pulse. SWITCH sides... WOW! My abs cried. I feel great today... even a little sore, which is a welcomed pain.

I think I might take today off... and run when I get home. I think REST days are needed and Thursday is another double day with DORIS!

I love how I am feeling right now.

I weighed in again this morning, but I am going to wait to share my results on Friday.

I am nervous about this weekend. It is my brothers 30th birthday and I know I am going to drink and EAT... some many WASTED calories - ARGH! Even Vodka and water is more calories than I want AND that is my drink of choice.


*Burpie is GROSS (very hard) you start in a squat with your hands on the ground and LAUNCH into the air throwing your hands OVER your head then returning to the squat and hands on the ground... that's ONE. We do 20.

PS - I declined a McDonalds EGG McMuffin for breakfast AND a Gooey- fudge filled brownie as an afternoon snack - GO ME!

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