Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is a LONG one...

SPIN: 45min
Calories: 806

Sit down, get comfy… this is going to be a doozy. I have a lot of things running through my pretty little head and I am going to TRY and put it ALL in one blog. Get it over with.

First Spinning was… ok. We had the same instructor I complained about last Thursday. The music was better – no can-con, and the work-out was more accessible… meaning I could keep up so I worked harder versus so hard I give up, because my legs won’t carry me the final distance.

I felt worked. I felt tired, but I felt good. First time today I could say that. Have you ever woken up and said ‘I should probably stay in bed today, because I am libel to kill someone’. Yup, that is how I started my day. I had crazy dreams MOST of the night and woke up to tell Richard (he called and told me about this) that if we ever had a cottage no Russians allowed! What does that even mean?! Oh and No, Terry’s… god, knows what kind of dreams I was having. I like Russians. I mean, I am sure I would if I knew any.

I was also battling something this morning that kept me running to the bathroom to excavate my stomach… through my mouth! Sorry, that is the nicest way I could figure out to say ‘I puked’.

My commute was terrible… more so than normal. Advice: LAY OFF THE BREAKS! We’re all trying to get somewhere and I am sure it is some little old woman at the front of the pack afraid to break 100kph.

Work is slow and repetitive.

Yup, I am a complainer today. I promise the complained section is almost over.

I squeezed my chest into the same torture device I use every day and cried at every bead of sweat that trickled down my body.

Have I enlightened you lately on the pain I am in? Now is a good time… I have been suffering from a re-occurring case of the BAD BRA. It started out as an good/ok bra, but as the girls start to bounce they rub on the skin just beneath them. This causes terrible sores that are typically bearable, but after yesterdays 60min (ish) run, it was bad. Worst ever… the red blotches traveled across the entire width of my chest and even crept up the underside of my breast. The skin is raw.

So that carries me into my first ‘light bulb’ of the day. I bought a new bra. I researched online. There are a lot of options out there. I chose to read ALL the reviews before dropping $100 on a bra I am going to where 7 hours a week!

I settled on the ‘Moving Comfort Maia Adjustable Strap High Impact Sports Bra’. It ships tomorrow. Hopefully next week it arrives. I am not going to run until it arrives.

The other frustration this morning... I work-out hard. I expect results. I know you are only suppose to weigh in once a week and once I am on track after the house sitting (which I already claimed to be) than I will return to my Friday morning weigh in.

This morning I weighed in hoping to be down .5lbs… NOPE! UP, AGAIN! I tried to ignore it. Weight fluctuates, but still COME ON! I am killing myself over this. That, I think, is where my terrible, no good, very bad day started.

I am ALL over the place today. Sorry.

Next… some fun. Quizzes! I love Quizzes… I found 2 today (on the same website) that I would love to promote. I got 18 out of 24. It’s interesting to learn what 100 calories ACTUALLY look like. I didn’t do AS well on this one, but it also enlightened me on a few things.

This first… that your running shoes should not only be dedicated running shoes (I knew this), but that the sole of your shoe should LOOK brand new. “Running experts everywhere swear by it: Get a new pair of shoes every 300 to 500 miles or every six months, even if they still look pretty good.” I liked this answer only because it means I need to go SHOE shopping. It also means I am a runner… I wore out a pair of shoes. Go me!

Almost there… is your coffee cold yet?!

One more product I want to try… a NEW Febreze SPORT spray… there has to be something to keep my gym bag fresh! Hopefully once we have a washer and dryer at home I can do laundry more regularly and keep the FUNK to a minimum.

Last and NOT least… I have a CAT SCAN tomorrow. Ew! God knows what I will have to write about tomorrow. Hopefully nothing, or at best something that is easily fixed. Something that explains my mood, my forgetfulness and my hatred of ALL things that are my life and MAYBE, just maybe something that explains why I can’t loose weight.

Oh AND I am thinking about getting a trainer… maybe I am doing something wrong.

That’s it!


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