Friday, March 26, 2010


Running (distance): 7km (51.24min)
Calories: 800

I wanted to run today and it FELT GOOD! I couldn't decide what I wanted to
do... none of my work-outs seem to push me anymore. I never feel fatigued (unless its Doris's class)... I don't sweat... I don't feel sore. Which is a GREAT thing, but I want to feel like I have taken my very last step when I run... one more and I will collasp. Today was CLOSE. I decided to swtich up my run... I typically run based on time. I run for X number of minutes and when it's over I am done. Today I ran for distance... however long it took me.

I started at 7km. That seemed to be where I ended up on my intervals and timed runs. I am hoping to run Monday's and Fridays... every Friday I will increase my distance to .5km until I hit 20km. My goal is to run from my Front door (in Acton) to Lauren's front door (in Georgetown) by the end of the summer. It's NOT 20km, but running outside, with hills and obstacles, is different.

I feel good after my run. I feel strong and proud... I ran 7km. I remember last June (when I started running) I couldn't imagine running 10minutes straight. I remember telling Richard... this is it... 10minute sets, if I don't make it come find me! We would joke and I remember feeling so PROUD and tired when I finally returned home... having done TWO sets of 10.

It's amazing how your body grows and adapts.

I haven't weighed in yet today... or since Wednesday. Tomorrow morning... cross your fingers I am hoping to be in a new DECADE!


PS - I love how it elevates my mood. I can be in a terrible mood, but after my run i feel better... relieved, content.

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