Monday, March 22, 2010

What a weekend!

I had SO much fun!

And with Richard's help... I kept out of MOST trouble.

Started the weekend at with dinner at Montana's. I hadn't planned for this, but our good friends missed us (its been over a month). We still had SO much to do to get ready for our roadtrip we opted for a quick dinner to play catch up.

I ordered my FAVORITE salad... Its the APPLE GOAT CHEESE salad and its YUMMY! Plus with the right dressing... it fits into my 500 calorie allowance for dinner... fate? I think so.

For those wondering it is... a Spring Mix/Iceburg lettuce salad with Goat cheese, roasted red peppers, apples and spicy roasted pecans. I added chicken and switched to a low-fat rasp. vinagarette.

Off to a rocky start... but determined to remain focused.

We shopped after dinner and picked up some snacks for the road/hotel. I knew I would cheat here... if you're going to drink YOU NEED food in your stomach and knowing the 'Frei' mentallity, I was going to drink ALOT!

We headed to Frankford early in the AM... I had a shake for breakfast and avoided the temptation as we stopped at Tim Horton's for BREAKFAST... actaully for Richard's Breakfast.

We stopped in for a quick visit with Amy... and to build the ultimate CAKE (which I never tried). We sculpted a Vanilla/Chocolate/Skor cake... The house LOOKED incredible... Amy had authentic 80's candies EVERYWHERE and movie posters, Ninja Turtle posters, New Kids on the Block posters...

We escaped the sugar overload (for now) and headed to the hotel. I love HOTELS! We were the ONLY ones there and it was nice to have the freedom to be naked... only in our room ;) We than sought out some 'pre-drinking' food. This is where I wanted greasy, carb loaded food. One meal today and I was GOING TO MAKE IT WORTH IT! No such luck... we got lost in Trenton and opted for 'Helen's Diner'. Let me tell you Helen makes a MEAN grill cheese sandwich. WHICH IS ALL I ATE THAT DAY! I am not promoting NOT EATING, but I had intended to consume mass amounts of junk in the early evening and was trying to prepare.

Back to the hotel and time to prepare... oh yea... 80's are BACK and in FULL swing in Trenton!

To the party... and the TOO many drinks, that didn't stay in my system for long. How do you count calories when nothing stays in? A whirlwind of ridiculous-ness and I am back at the hotel with a LARGE bottle of water.

On to Sunday... it is about refueling. No SHAKES today. No exercise... this about survival. I need grease... I need fat... I need FOOD!

Richard is incredible... he brought be breakfast in bed Sunday morning. Yummy!

Than we met up with everyone... to let them know 'yes, I survived'... and FOR BREAKFAST. Richard and I split a HUNGRY man meal. Good for the budget... Good for the calories. Eggs, Bacon and Toast.

Than off to Mum's for Lunch/Dinner... Creamy Chicken and Pasta with CHEESE. Ew... scares me to think of all the calories, but this is life. I can't hide in a bubble where everything is easy. I had a small helping of yumm-i-ness and no second helping. No dessert. I think I am getting the hang of this.

Finally we're on the road home... and ONE MORE meal. Another favorite... meatloaf.

This weekend didn't revolve around exercise... or food. It was about making the right choices and realizing where I went wrong in the past. We managed to spend the entire weekend out of the house and didn't eat ANY fast food. My New Years resolution is still in tact.

I weighed in this morning... and I happy to report it was all worth it. I didn't gain anything. It's like a switch went off to say... you can do this, this time.

Ok... back to work, back to the gym, back to shakes.


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