Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back on Track!

Run: 15min (2.36km)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 35min (5.19km)
Calories: 847

I weighed in this morning down 2 pounds and only 1 pound up from last week. I feel better… maybe it was water retention from salty foods (I had enjoyed Smart Food, cheesy popcorn, a little TOO much over the week). I also FINALLY measured inches and despite a gain in my legs (as expected) I am down another 2.5 inches from my starting measurements… that 10iches in TOTAL.

I feel re-newed and excited to get to SPINNING today and KICKBOXING tonight.

Results are my motivation.

Yesterday was a challenge. I knew I was going out for dinner… I knew I would indulge, what I didn’t know was HOW good Vietnamese is for you or how re-connecting with an old friend can really put things in perspective. I had Grilled Chicken over Vermicelli noodles with fish oil sauce and a SIDE of gossip. YUM!

It all went DOWNHILL when I got home to find a sweet aroma hanging in the air. MOM was baking cookies! Damn her! Damn her and her cookie goodness! Yup! I ate cookies! I did it. And I would do it again. They were YUMMY!

I am also excited to feel apart of two amazing forums. I never knew the support that hid in the internet from people I have never met. I am on two (ok, I am on three… but one is for motor cycles and has NOTHING to do with fitness. Although, I am getting in shape FOR riding season; which is FAST approaching (Sorry got off topic for a bit)). Very impressive sites. First is Loseit.com… you have to have an iPhone, but it is an online community for people trying to get healthy. It is FULL of tips, tricks, suggestions, routines and support. I love it. It also tracks ALL my workouts and daily Calories. The second, which I am still learning, is runnerslounge.com. You need nothing, but a love of running. It tracks all your runs, why you run, how you run and connects you with other runners from the beginner to the advanced it is FULL of great information. I am actually considering a joining a running group… I don’t know who I would fair in a RUN group… I am SO competitive I would probably kill myself trying to keep up!

Last Weeks POLL – ‘Both… I can’t do everything outside (especially in Canada)’ won.

Off to SPIN class… wish me luck.


PS - http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/boost-your-metabolism is a GREAT article on tricks to burning more calories a day.

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