Monday, March 1, 2010

A bit bloated today...

Not only am I coming off a CRAZY week of schedule shifting intensity, I am starting a new month 10 pounds OVER my goal... not that I have gained 10 pounds (just 3), but I haven't lost ALL I wanted too by the end of February.
I am hoping a serious week of calorie counting and work-outs will get me RIGHT on track (not 10 pounds, just 3). Wish me luck. I run today (55minutes) and will weigh in tomorrow AND I have to update on my inches lost (or gained at this rate).
I am also bothered by the fact that in ONE week, while staying under budget and still going to the gym 5 times I managed to gain 3 pounds from eating dinner. My thyroid medication CAN'T be working!!
Stay tuned...

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