Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spinning: 50minutes
Calories: 851

As things are happening I think about what to write, but when I sit down to write; I got nothing! I am currently listening to the HILLS premiere... its my guilty pleasure (well that and smut). I can't believe how ridiculous their lives our. I can't even remember how (or why) I got hooked on this show. I think it started out as country girls tackling hollywood and I was rooting for the small town girls, but than it got all 'I'm an alcoholic, drug addicted, surgically ehanced, married an asshole can't hold a man-esque' and I can't get into it. I can't support it. So why am I writing about it, because I can't focus worth a DAMN right now.

I am thinking ahead to tonight. I am accompaning Richard to his favorite Band LIVE at the Docks. Although it is going to be a great show... its going to prove a hassle to get there. He was going to pick me up, but that didn't work for sound check (he is going, I am not). I was going to TTC (public transit), but nothing goes that way and  cab is over 40-bucks, parking is only 15 so... it makes sense for me to drive, but that also means at midnight tonight I have to drive home after being awake for 18hours straight! The concert will be worth and to see him enjoy it will be worth it, but I am tired just thinking about!

I am also... WAIT I remember... I got a new app (not completely new, but I wanted to use before review). It's simply called 'Water' it's free from the App store. It's also VERY simple. It tracks your water intake. You type in your vitals and it calculates how much water you need on a daily basis. I drink A LOT of water... part of my routine was to give up juice and pop (not that I drank much anyways). I only drink water and milk. (and tea, but that's just hot water). Anyways this apps features a little table and everyone time you drink you put what ever it was you drank on the table... bottle, cup, glass, mug. It graphs your day and lets you know at the end whether you were successful. Its simple and helpful. I don't know if the two are linked, but I was at a plateau. I got this app and started logging ALL my water... and drinking more and my weight has dropped. Worth a shot... its simple... its easy AND its free (if you have an app device).

I also wanted to touchbase on the weight loss... seems QUICK (via Loseit!). I can't always get to a scale (or the right one... its in his parents ensuite and I can't if they're in there). So it appears I am loosing HUGE amounts in a short time, but really I don't way in everyday. So I am happy to report I am 1.6 pounds away from my goal. I won't make it in 2 days especially with NO training scheduled, but I will get close which makes May goal better... (its 10pounds or more a month).

Ok thats it... Spin was amazing. I debated going, but Leslie-Ann always makes it worth it. Sandi joined me today and I wasn't thrilled about it. We started together, but going alone I can pick my bike (it doesn't have to be a double). I can hang out and do crunches (she doesn't) and in the changeroom I can strip down and air out, before showering and getting dressed. I can't do that with her there... not that I care, but if a stranger catchs a boob I am ok... a co-worker. I don't need her knowing about my aeriola. Anyways... no word on Biggest Loser, but I suspect that will be next month sometime.

AND I had some GREAT pictures ready to go, but they updated AGAIN and I can't put pictures up anymore... WTF??? I can only use pictures currently on my blog or with URL... Sorry guys!



I have 1.6 lbs to loose by the end of the month! CAN I DO IT?!?!? (I don't know)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I feel energized (and excited)

Spinning: 50min
Calories: 977

I feel like today is JUST a good day! Richard's EXAM went well... and that is a HUGE weight off his shoudlers! I am SO proud of him.

As for me... the below post gives you a taste. I signed up for the BIGGEST LOSER at work. Of the 3000 employees at Rogers; 30 will get to partake in this event. I handed in my application on my way to spinning and over 200 people had already applied. I can only hope my track record will show my dedication to this and my weight will put in a position of needing help.

A few more details... its a 6 week program starting May 12th. We will be assigned to a team (equal parts male and female AND equal parts Beginner, intermediate (where I put myself) and advanced). With that team we have meetings with a personal trainer and lunch dates with a nutritionist. We are obiligated to daily work-outs and a food journal (much like I am doing now). Just like the TV show we are judged based on our loss of body fat percentage. We weigh in (and get measured) once at the start, middle and finals. The winner gets (not that the support and motivation isn't enough) $1000. YEA!

This opportunity (just the thought of it) has gotten me SO excited about working out... today's spin class I pushed harder than before... I also have weigh in tomorrow and cross our fingers I am down atleast 1 pound (4 to go by Friday).

I also don't have a lot of time at the gym this week.... Wednesday I am going to concert, Thursday I have a business lunch and Friday I am wisking my love away for a weekend adventure on his 25th birthday...

**Sidenote: I asumed the boy who doesn't like reading... and has access to this blog on tape (ie. me talking ALL the time) I made the asumption he didn't read my blog. Yesterday he mentioned (in passing) he saw my blog today. My heart skipped a beat... "had I mentioned the surprise weekend plans" ah! Lucky I had only made vague references to it. Although he did read about my former gym crush... oops.

So... that is all my excitment for the day! Woo! It makes me think I will save HOT YOGA Wednesdays (more to come) and Insanity for the week of May 12th... when The Biggest Loser starts.

Don't think I have forgotten about my commitment to Richard and Insantity. Honestly I think I am scared of it. Scared of not being able to do it. Scared of Richard seeing my like that... I am NOT a pretty sweat-er! BUT if I want to win the $1000, I need to get over that and kick my ASS everyday. I am making the commitment (on this blog) if I am blessed enough to get into biggest loser I will (dare I say it) give up chocolate. AH! It hurt to type... I love you Chocolate, but I need to do this!!

Ok... back to work. I am going to try and spin tomorrow, but we'll see!


PS - POLL RESULTS... 40% of my readers indulge with Chunky Munky Ice Cream - 20% of my readers secertly LOVE Charlie Harper - No one collects POGS or is willing to admit it - 20% of my readers indulge in SMUT (including me!).

The BIGGEST winner!

I am SO excited! They are doing a BIGGEST loser at work! I almost wish this happen 8 weeks ago (before the 20pounds), but still I could win $1000 for the most Body Weight % lost at the end of 6 weeks.

I also am apart of a team that gets access to a nutritionalist AND personal trainer... FOR FREE! It sounds like a WIN all over the place. Let's hope my vacation doesn't cast me out!!

I am still trying to sign-up! Wish me luck!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Running: 8k (!) 57:57
Calories: 897

I did it!! I didn't really have the time, but I DID IT! It feels SO good. Of course I still haven't cooled down or re-hydrated so it doesn't feel GREAT! But I feel so accomplished! WOO!

I also forgot to mention earlier how amazing compliments are… I know everyone LOVES to hear nice things about themselves, but yesterday I went to hug Richard. He squeezed me hard and said " I can tell you're going to the gym… you look good!" Now I always looked good to him… even 21 pounds ago. He loves me… in a way I never thought I could be loved, but to have him notice. The man that sees me EVERY day. The man I am doing this for… in directly, but he gets to look at me the most ;). He doesn't mention it often… he knows it’s my weak spot, but he knows he is allowed he goes for the gold. I am a lucky girl. Just wanted to share. Oh so!

Can't wait to get to spin tomorrow… I am CLEARLY on an energy high.

And on an even BETTER note… I still have Apples and Caramel to snack on! Mmm…


PS - BINGO came to a close... no winners announced ESPECIALLY not me, but I did get a smoothie after my workout.


Still 4 pounds to loose... I have 5 days AND I can't hit the gym for 3 of them. Hmmm... Should be a FUN week.

It's early MONDAY morning and I am awake... I can't promise how much sense this will make.

Weekend was GOOD. Spent Friday night with friends. We intended to have a WINE, WINGS and Wii night. That turned into Pizza, Beer and Wii. Although I didn't drink... I got to play DD, better for my calories anyways. We ended up playing Mario Bros for 6hours! I highly recommend this game... it allows up to 4 players and its OLD school Mario Bros. Although the heat that builds up during the game I may recommend ONLY playing with close friends with a sense of humor, because you CAN kill each other... unintentionally. I think I even called one of the cutest, sweetest girl friends an asshole. Oops. Did I mention I was also VERY tired?

We had dedicated this weekend to studying the BIG and scary CFQ is tomorrow. We did study, but my little student knows must of the materials backwards and forwards. If left a lot of free time to just be... we rarely get that chance. It was nice.

Since I didn't work out this weekend I have a few FOODIE things to share.

First... I tried Cake Pops. I have been reading them on for almost a week now. I thought this can't be too hard... Well it is! I followed the directions (with only a few subsitutions). And they came out as balls of mush... excuse me, chocolate dipped balls of mush (to the left). The overall rating... no stars. IN FACT I threw them out... I threw out food! It hurt. See below for what they are suppose to looks like... (Although I don't need to label them... you know which is mine).
In an effort to redeem myself... I will now share my DINNER triumph. A girl at work had recommended I try this... table top tacos. They were AWESOME! The concept is taco fixings straight from the stove in a pan in the middle of the table ready for consumption... this MAY not be in the Lose it! food dictionary.


Cook one pound of Ground Beef (or meat of your choice) and drain. Return to LARGE pan and add 1 cup of water and a package of rice (brown minute rice works best). Cover and let simmer for 3 - 5 minutes (or until rice is cooked). Then top with shredded cheddar and cover. When cheese is melted... you're done. Bring it to the table and ENJOY! We dipped chips and scooped into taco shells... it was YUMMY!

I feel another redemption is necessary. So I failed at cake pops, I succeeded at greasey, high calorie tacos (which is a BIT of a fail when you're on a diet or lifestyle adjustment). I want to add what I prepared last night... a fresh fruit salad (while the chocolate chip cookies were baking... I swear they werent's for me!). I chopped up fresh pineapple, strawberries and my newest favorite thing... a mini melon. It's the size of a bowling ball and taste like its BIG sister... yum! So yes... I cheated this weekend... and YES I missed my run on Sunday sue to rain, but I am happy to say I enjoyed a huge fruit salad for my lunch on Sunday.

I am off to the gym today... I am going to run intervals for 7k. Wish my luck.


Friday, April 23, 2010

I did it... not 8k, but went to the gym.

Running: 50mins (7km)
Calories: 755

I could have done the 8k, but I only get an hour for lunch and the above run was cutting it close! Atleast I went to the gym AND it doesn't appear I missed my number... my card remains the same ALTHOUGH I am closer to to getting an 'X' not as close as a 'T', but close. Sadly everyone is getting close. If I loose at BINGO again I am vowing to never PLAY again!

Story: We played Bingo on my floor (10-floor building) everyday admin.would send out numbers. The first person with a line wins. What? We didn't know, but it's a radio station... prizes are always good! I got the a line a day late. Then it was 'T' same thing happen... twice I missed out. Finally the grand prize; for a FULL card. I wanted it and was ONE number away... again. I got into work 7minutes late because of a SNOWstorm (typical). The numbers were posted. I scanned my card and WOW I won!! I hit Reply All and as I am typing, I get an email... some one else had a full card. I hit send anyways and got back a 'nope to late' reply. I missed it by seconds... and the prize turned out to be completely AWESOME! A day at the spa! I vowed not to play anymore games at work, but the gym... although at work, is with a different crowd.

I swear on this BLOG I will not play Bingo again if I don't win something (even a runner up... haha... get it... I am a runner and I want to be... nevermind).

I do feel better having gone for a run (good advice)... I feel back on track as I chow down on my salad... Mmm...

How about a little 'What Grinds my Gears'? My headphones are on the block today. For the last few weeks I have had a problem with ear sweat... gross, right? Well it throws off my entire RUN. It's like the river of sweat runs down my forehead, across my temple and down my sideburns (or where they would be) and RIGHT into my ear. Having a HARD ear piece it pools around the headpiece until it breaks into my ear. Once inside it flows into my little speaker and distorts the sound. Well that is happening the remaining water creates a sound proof wall between my ear drum AND said speaker... while running I have to try and clean the speaker AND my ear. This must look DUMB as I hobble along at warp speed! (that's a bit dramatic, but you get the idea). Does this happen to anyone else?!?!

Ok... I have to finish my salad and pack up because IT'S WEEKEND TIME!!


I feel defeated!

Actaully I feel conflicted. I know I am making progress and I know I am entitled to a day off, but when I fall off... I fall off! I made oreo cookie cheesecake last night for goodness sake! AND I ate it! Actually it was a small piece, because I don't really like Cheesecake. If I am going to eat cake I want fluffy cake with icing... not cheese! I made it because Richard graduated yesterday and it is his FAV! (Congrats, babe!)

So the conflict is because I am good. I have support from amazing people I haven't even met... I have lost 21 pounds and I am proud of myself, but I am upset today, because its not happening fast enough. I know slow weight loss is worth it and will last... but I just want to be fit now.

Yesterday started with a busy day... I didn't make it to the gym, because of work. I didn't have a plan for the gymSO I wasn't pushing for gym time, but I could have gone. I also missed out on my bingo number... if it was  N34 I am going to be SO mad! Then I was hungry ALL day! I stayed under my calories, but my stomach wouldn't let up.

So I go home intending to go play frisbee or go for a walk and get sucked into baking the above cheesecake. AND Richard bought me a shirt... that doesn't fit... why? Because I am TOO big. I know it was good intentions AND the shirt is designed for a twig with no chest, but it didn't fit and probably never will... I had to admit it was too small and it hurt to say it. Ridiculous? YES! Than I ate the cheesecake. I finally tried to call it a night and Richard wasn't tired... so I fell asleep alone only to get up this morning alone... I know. Crybaby, right?!

I weighed in this morning and I am NOT where I need to be to meet my goal for this month and my MOOD implies something is JUST around the corner. Something that will cause me to gain. Something that will ruin the exciting plans for next weekend.

Argh! That is just the mood today. I am going for a run... come hell or high water I will RUN!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why do I find an 8k SO daunting? I have run a 10k (last summer)

Running: 35minutes (Run/Sprint/Walk/Hills... I was ALL over the place)
Sit-ups: 120
Calories: 695

I can't sort myself out... or wrap my head around the 8k. When I run a 7.5, I actually run a 7.6. So, what is it about the last 400m that I can't get over!!! I am frustrated with myself. I want to progress. Sitting still is what got me into this mess.

Granted I was exhausted. I had already been at work for 11hours and done a SERIOUS spin class. BUT come on!!! I have 8 days to loose 4 pounds!! I can't screw around... I even comtemplating skipping today because I am tired but its the DAMN the BINGO!!

Have I told you about this??? Everyday there are 4 numbers posted for BINGO. You HAVE to go to the gym to get these numbers... below is what my card looks like!
I need ONE more number and I am afraid to miss a day, because if that number comes up then... I will miss it forever!! I am SO damn competitive I WANT to win!! I don't even know what the prize is BUT I am hoping it is a personal trainer session... wouldn't that be motivating?!

So I will go today and challenge the dreaded stairmaster... wish me luck!


PS - I have a NEW favorite site... In fact, I am trying the cake pops this weekend!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Down One to go!

Spinning: 50minutes
Calories: 851

I just finished Leslie-Anns Spin class and YES! It was amazing... as always! I love to watch the sweat collect at the base of my bike.... (Ew, re-read that... its gross, but a great tell tale of what level you're working at!) I also unfortunaelty (yet, good for my work out) sat beside my '*Gym Crush'... besides having less of a crush (he has bad posture and make a weird noise when he tries REALLY hard... Think about it) I worked harder to not let him down.

**Fellow blogger.... funny BLOG...

We'll see how I feel this afternoon... I have 3 hours to burn between work and Brownies. Not the delicious brownies warm from the oven with crushed pecans and ooey-gooey icing dripping off the edges... Mmmm... but the cute little girls that use that cute-ness to get you to buy cookies EVEN while dieting. You swear you'll give them away, yet there they are in your desk for a weak moment. I am their leader... once  a week.  So I thought what a GREAT time to run my 8k, but I love Leslie-Ann's class... and I AM trying to loose 4 pounds in 9 days... I will double up today. Whewf! Wish me luck!

The real reason I am writing is because I have discovered something. First, let me say I am a BREADOHOLIC... anything bread... the whiter and fluffier the better. My Mum was a baker when I was growing up and BREAD has become a staple of mine. I started this journey determined NOT to give up bread, BUT in this last push (for this month... there will be another next month). I decided, to fill the sandwich void of my lunches, I would make hearty salad that would leave NO room for craving. Last night I set out to pick up some yummies to put in my salad. I love GOAT cheese on a salad so I thought I would grab a chunk... slab... slice... whatever you call it. I found this magical place of cheese (in my grocery store) and stumbled into a world of flavored GOAT cheese. This week i tried Cranberry Cinnamon Goat cheese on a Spinach Salad with Crushed Pecans and Fresh sliced Strawberries... I just ate it and YUM! Good choice! Go ME! PS - my salad was UNDER 400 calories INCLUDING dressing (Low Fat Rasp. Vin).

So I highly HIGHLY recommend a simple salad... I feel full and all my sweet cravings were met.

More to come... unless I kill myself on the treadmill tonight!


*Gym Crush: Cute guy at the gym you enjoy seeing, but have never (or would ever) approach. Mine is tall and fit with tight curly hair... looks like all the heros in my romance novels should look.

Only 4 to go!!!

...pounds, yup! Plateau is OVER! Double work-out today too! I think I might make it! Woo!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was bound to happen...

Spinning: 50mins
Sit-ups: 120
Calories: 977

Erin taught the class. I feared this day would come.... but I thought I would be more prepared. Erin is the manager. She has been teaching spin for 7 years. She likes to see you sweat. She has killer legs!

I had to wobble OFF the bike, gracfully stepping off the bike was not an option. It's great. My legs are still throbbing. I am happy about it... I really am. I said before the further I get to my goal the harder I have to push to see the same  results. AND I STILL HAVE 5 POUNDS TO LOOSE! in 10days...

I am going grocery shopping tonight to pick up some 'salad-ables'. (I can make up words... it's by blog). I have indudlged, but stayed under calories for 2 days and enjoyed Kraft Dinner for lunch... don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with a little KD, but 5 pounds in 10days! I need to pick up all the fixing to make hearty salads... nuts, goat cheese and fresh strawberries... mmm...

And its day 4 of tanning... I feel like I have a tan, but I don't think I do yet. I don't want one of those orange tans that is clearly fake... I just want a little sun kiss that says I was outside all weekend.

And happy news... I went from AGE 72 to AGE 50... on Wii Sports. I am getting better at this whole thing... but I am still older than Richard he is 30 this week.

Last thing... I am ordering the 'Insanity' DVD set. ( We (Richard and I) are doing it together... scary! Wish me luck with that! Spin class is going to feel like a cake walk!


Getting faster...

Running: 7.5k (52:23)
Sit-ups: 110
Calories: 977

I just can't squeeze an 8k on my lunch hour... even when I am giving it ALL I've got! I ran today (and set a new record).

It felt good... beyond my bra injury (no matter what I spend on the bra... I always have the same problem!) I am excited to get going this week... I have 5 pounds to loose in the next 10days... wish me luck!

I am crazy busy at work... so I have to keep this short!

Off to spinning this afternoon!


Monday, April 19, 2010

I did it!

I teedered on 19 for TOO LONG!

This weekend... on my rest days I did it! I have offically lost 20 POUNDS! Yup! 25 to go... 5 by the end of April. Wish my luck!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Afternoon Quickie!

Run/Sprint: 32minutes (4.53km)
Sit-ups: 110
Calories: 635

I went to the gym with the intention of running 8k, but a shortened lunch hour JUST doesn't allow it. So I ran intervals (as recommended on as long as I could before doing my crunches and heading back upstairs to the mountain of paperwork.

Thank goodness it is Friday! I am tired!

Easter Dinner round two this weekend... and a lot of driving.. let's see if I can work in a RUN.


Kicking my OWN ass...

Stairmaster: 15minutes (60 floors!)
Rowing Machine: 10minutes (2000m)
Sit-ups: 100
Kick-boxing (+more Sit-ups) : 50mintes (the final class)
Calories: 1355

I thought I had been slacking in the past weeks... I always made excuses... I'm sick, I'm tired, it's my birthday. I still managed to get to the gym 4 times each week, but I just didn't feel like my effort was there.

Someone on my forum also made a GREAT point... as you start to get in shape you have to work HARDER to burn less calories. It's such a simple concept that I never thought about. It may also explain why my regular routine wasn't garnering results like it use too.

So yesterday I thought I would try something new and PUSH it. I didn't want to SPIN (my favorites are Tuesday & Wednesday) and I enjoy running on Monday and Friday... so, Thrusday was OPEN... atleast my lunch hour (KB in the evening).

I thought about what I wanted to try... I set a goal to do 30minutes on the stairmaster and MORE sit-ups. So I packed up my stuff and with the best intentions I headed to the gym. My back-up plan (if the machine was in use) was to run intervals for 30minutes. Secretly, I wanted the machine to be in use, but LUCKY ME it wasn't.

I got on the Stairmaster... I set it to LEVEL 5 for 30minutes. I started... it seemed easy. In an effort to PUSH myself I up'd the level to 6. This is the moment it FELL apart. I don't know how it works, but similar to the Treadmills designated course it has peaks and valleys to simulate hills... I didn't know they built stairs on hill, but I'm game. I gave it ALL I had... and trust me it took ALL I had to offer... I got to 5 minutes and I was out of breath (remember I can run 7.5k AND complete a 45minute SPIN class)... 10 minutes and I was keeled over. Did I stop? NO! I hadn't earned a pit-stop... I did however RE-VAMP my excerise idea. I would do 15 minutes on the Stairmaster and I would row. At 15minutes I am keeled over the machine, sweat is pouring of my body in a way I have NEVER seen before, my legs are burning and shaking. My mind is FUZZ. I am a mess... I get off the machine. Whewf! I thought 'alright arms, its your turn' and headed for the ROWMASTER (it's not called that, but if there is a 'Master' of stairs I think there should be a 'Master' of Row (or Rowing)... and the ROW master is born). I get on and set it to 2000m... I don't know what that means!!! I have NEVER rowed in my life (why did I think this was a good idea?). I start pulling back and find my rythm. I finished in just under 10minutes... I think that is a good time (again, I don't know). I know I worked hard because my BACK was killing me, my arms were burning... but surprisingly no sweat, except for the left over stair sweat.

It was time for sit-ups and BOY, was I ready to lay-down. I practised 'breathing' (ie CAUGHT my breath) for 5minutes and than worked through my 100 sit-ups. My hour was up and I changed (and weighed 'see previous BLOG') and headed upstairs.

I drove home for a quickie... of Ninetendo Wii... not Richard. Although he did play with me... I mean, play Wii with me. After much presuavion... (last time I yelled at him for killing me... it was Mario World and we were SUPPOSE to be a team).

Than I set out to TAN (a gift from Lauren) and go to KB... the last class. I tanned and it felt warm and yummy. I drove over to KB... in enough time to get an oil change and bumped into an old student of mine... yup, one of my 6th graders now OWNS a garage. CRAZY... I am 27. I was a student teacher... I feel the need to clarify!

Anyways... I get to a VERY desserted KB and fear the class has been cancelled. NOT my last CLASS! Obviously it wasn't cancelled or my work-out log would be a lie. Anyways... class is full and Doris is EAGER to torture us! And she does... I worked until I couldn't. Literally, my mind couldn't over power my muscle. They quit... I understand, I gave them little choice, it was a LONG and stressful day.

Class was GREAT! An amazing way to say 'good-bye'. Surprising me... they noticed the change in my body. Both instructor commented on my NEW slimmer body and single CHIN... yup just one. It felt good for them to notice. They took a lot of the credit... pretty presumptious considering I went to KB once a week, but I let them think it was ALL there hard work and thanked them for helping me.

I tried to go home and go to bed... I am used to 10hours AT LEAST of sleep, but with early shift I am lucky for 5 and I am tired. I try to do laundry, but can't AND just as I am about to drift off to dream land... the washer becomes available AND Richard reminds me he needs to study! Needless to say... I am tired today, but happy to report. I finally measured and although it appears my weight is staying the same... I have lost another 3inches, bringing my total to 16inches loss (its more, but I gained in my legs and chest).

I am happy... I am wearing my tight jeans and HEY, they aren't tight!

I am up to run 8k today... wish me luck.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

A few QUICK things...

... I have a blister! Yup! I rowed so DAMN hard I got a blister! AND something fun happen at the gym today... I got on the scale (just for the hell of it)... I set it at my expected weight figuring once I stepped on I could move it right (or +pounds). As expected I was wrong... so I started sliding the little weight to the right and still the thing didn't move. I had a little break down as I pushed it further away from where I hoped I was. Then it dawned on me... I was going the WRONG way! I weighed 2pounds LESS than I expected... 2 POUNDS less... half way through the day, AFTER finishing a work-out and guzzling a bottle of water. Happy surprise!

KB tonight!


UPDATE: The scale at the gym is off... by 2pounds. So not as exciting, although on a different scale I am still where I want to be, so it's a wash!

Did you know...

... a DQ Buster bar has 450 CALORIES!!! I didn't. I thought, a little ice cream, a few peanuts on a stick would be BETTER than a cone. But the dammage was done!

Spinning: 45mins (with my FAV instructor YET!)
Sit-ups: 100
Calories: 896

Yesterday proved to be another BUSY day! That is always hardest to pull myself away from the computer and hit the gym, but I did and I am GLAD I did. Leslie Ann is AWESOME! She was the only instructor I hadn't worked with yet... and I really did save the best for last!

Her music was great with a PACE that was realistic and EASY to find! She kept it fun while kicking our asses! She made jokes and talked to us while describing the beautiful scenery we were pretend riding by. We made it all the way to Buffalo for some shopping... we laughed through the whole class and I didn't watch the clock.

The funniest part! My face... aparently I make a CRAZY face when the tension is high and I am struggling to keep up. It is featured (or a re-creation) is to the right. Not the most flattering picture, but I am sure you're laughing along with me... not at me! It turns out I make a simliar face while running the last 2k. I just hope I don't make THAT face in other places... if you know what I mean.

I went home (missed Brownies and avoided cookies), because Richard asked me out... yup, my live in boyfriend called to see what I was doing and ask if he could take me out. (How cute are we?!) So I rushed home showered and got ready for my date... which was like NO other... we hopped on the bikes (pictured below) and zipped down the highway to DQ. Than we sat and watched the sunset while eating our (high-calorie) ice cream. The good news my biggest fear of not fitting into my bike gear is resolved... It fits and its LOOSE! Go me! As much as I feel like I am slacking I still feel good.

I hope I make it to KB tonight... my last GOOD class. You never know with this schedule. Wish me LUCK!

I am off to climb the mountain of paperwork at my desk!



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off track, but not really...

Spinning: 45minutes (with the SCARIEST instructor EVER)
Sit-ups: 100
Calories: 770

I have become SO accustom to spending hours at the gym, that ONE work-out a day (even if it was INTENSE, like sweating out your eyeballs, but your instructor pushing you to your breaking point, but you keep going because in a sadistic way it feels GOOD!) feels like slacking.

It doesn't help that I am plateauing right now... it happens to the best of us BUT come ON!!!

I am wavering between 19 and 20 pounds lost right now... I can't seem to push past that! And with the schedule change I haven't had a chance to measure although I am sure I am down inches since last time, because my clothes fit better... I feel leaner... so I guess that is ALL that matters.

So... the sit-ups. I use to do a lot of sit-ups and push-ups BUT with NO kickboxing all of my work-outs are cardio so I added crunches... it doesn't look like much, but I am typically working on a short time frame (lunch hour) so I get in what I can get away with... things are chaos right now so I don't want to TEST the waters.

And finally a PET PEEVE... HIS eating habits are killing me!! I love him and I think he is perfect just the way he is, but he was BLESSED with a high metabolism... I was not... so the constant snacking makes it hard to stay focused. He loves his dorito's and ice cream, pepsi and chocolate... it's hard when it is around. He knows what I am doing and tries VERY hard to support me, but the snacking... especially in the evenings when I am SO hungry, but have already had dinner and shouldn't consume anything (we're talking 9pm or later). I think a lot of my weight derives from this... I was in a terrible relationship with a man that thought it best to yell at me ALL the time about my weight and what I was consuming... that I became fearful to enjoy and savour the simple foods I needed for existence... I got slack for everything I consumed even if it was TOO much water. Then I met Richard and he loves me just the way I am... at any size. He accepts ALL my bad habits, including snacking... I suddenly didn't have to hide it anymore... and it's like giving a poor man a million dollars... they go a little over board in the beginning!

Ok... rant over.

Back to work... and a NEW spin class today! yay!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's been a while...

... and looking at this blog I realize WHY I didn't loose anything this weekend (or last week). Besides the dreaded plateau!

Running: 7.5k (52:03)
Sit-ups: 100reps (this is new and daily)
Calories: 844

It was my birthday last Thursday so I skipped my work-out. We were also house-sitting (yes, again) so I couldn't have gone to kick-boxing if I wanted too. I intended to correct the birthday snacking on Friday with an 8k run BUT somethings fell apart at work and I didn't DARE leave my desk for an extended period... head down and keyboard running. Saturday I intended to run outside, but more birthday plans interupted that... we SHOPPED all day. So i did get a lot of walking in. In fact, I feel more motivated than ever, because I bought some incredibly cute t-shirts and I want to be able to wear them comfortably (they fit now, but will look better in 5 pounds ;)

I got my hair done too. (<--on the left)Than Saturday night was a PARTY in my honor. I drank... wine, shooters, jager-bombs and ate pizza and chips. I don't know how much survived the obvious sickness that came from all of the above shots, but I was in NO mood the following day to diet OR go to hot yoga... yes, I slacked... but it was my birthday and that is the BEST excuse.

I am right back on track this week. We finished house sitting and aren't scheduled to do it again until the end of June. So, I have NO excuses to fall of the wagon.

Kick-boxing is ALMOST done, so I am going to go as many times as I can in the next 2 weeks. I have just over 7pounds to loose by the end of April, but I think that is feesible. (am I crazy??)

Now to the run (above) loved it! I was suppose to upgrade my distance (.5km per week) BUT I thought with the OFF weekend I should cut my body a break and stick to the 7.5km. I did and surprising myself I did it faster than ever before. I ran it in JUST over 52 minutes... previous I was at 56minutes. I feel good about it. I love the changes I am seeing in my body and my performance... I crave work-outs. On a busy day (everyday since the office fell apart) all I want to do is get to the gym and run it off.

I also added some songs to my running list... as my run grows so must my list. I added....

According to you - Orianthi
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
If We Ever Meet Again - Timbaland ft. Katy Perry (my NEW fav)
Hey, Soul Sister - Train
Memories - David Getta ft.Kid Cudi
Home for a Rest - Spirit of the West

I am on the early shift this week... which means MORE food, but better work-outs. SPINNING today with Kerrie and I can't wait to SWEAT!

PLUS - Lauren (my bestest) got my tanning minutes and lotion for my birthday. I am going to be HOT come summer time.

PS - I haven't tried 'the pants' yet. I don't want to jinx it... I have a little under 6weeks until our BIG trip and I want to be able to wear them then...

More to come!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Spinning: 45min
Sit-up: 10min
Calories: 896

I usually find an excuse to have Wednesdays off, but I am NOT going to the gym on my birthday... nope, won't do it. So I had to go today and I am glad I did. Andy was filling in for Laurie-Ann... was I disappointed? A little. I really wanted to try her class... everyone always looks EXHAUSTED afterwards. Was it still a good class? Hell yea!! Andy is SO excited all the time and I find myself desperate not to let him down... even when it burns!

I think I am doing well this week... I feel different about my work-outs. I don't feel obligated or hopeless... I am ok with myself and proud of what I have acheived... I want to lose more, but I am ok if this week I don't move the scale. I promise to share my numbers next week... can't weigh in this week... mother nature increases the scale and THAT will make me feel hopeless.

It's my third annual 25th birthday... ew.

This weekend I am having a UFC Birthday party... woo! I thought I needed a good reason to post a picture of George... he isn't fighting, but I love him... in fact, my first born with be George (shh... don't tell Richard).
It should be a GREAT party to celebrate me. Cross your fingers for Richard that he doesn't forget.

That's it for today! (and tomorrow).


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a CLASS!

Spinning: 45mins
Sit-ups: 10min (100)
Calories: 896

I switched things up (like my shift) and went to the NOON class and I am glad I did. Kerrie was teaching and she killed it! The music was GREAT and direction was BANG-ON and the class was PERFECT... except for the creepy guy starring at me.

Loved it!

Can't wait to go next week... and see the results SANS mother nature!!

Maybe KB tonight... maybe not. I don't like Tuesday's class... and I am SURE I will be tired by 7:30. It's a LONG day.


PS - 'Hi, Michelle!!!'

I did it!

Run: 7.59km (55:56mins)
Calories: 851

I tried to make good on ALL my promises from the weekend. I tried to UN-DO all the yuckiness that infiltrated my body. And...

I think I did it!! I ran like a mad-man was chasing me! Woo! I followed that up with 100 sit-ups and push-ups... I felt good by the time I crawled into bed last night.

I felt good this morning when I peeled myself off the soft KING sized mattress sheets at 5am! It's my first EARLT shift... so far SO good, but I can't bask in my results... because dun dun dun... she came today and made me bloated! No weight loss... No goal reached... bloated and retaining water. Ew!

I am going to try SPINNING today with Kerrie... yay!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Lots to REPORT...

Run(OUTSIDE): 28mins (4.03km)

Last week was a ROUGH week. I was SO sick, paired with house sitting and than a funeral. I was ALL over the place. This past weekend was EASTER and I had THREE dinners scheduled.

It was also INCREDIBLY warm, which warrented ICE CREAM and TWO stops at DQ. I was good... a small dipped cone BOTH times.

I finally RAN outside Thursday afternoon. I opted to do a 30minute run before my KB class, because I missed SPIN Wednesday (they're doing BIKE matientance). So off I went... It was GREAT... until it wasn't. I was still sick and I think I pushed a little hard. I debated even going to Kick-boxing, but thought I only have 2 GOOD classes left... THAN to my disappointment. It was the WRONG instructor and the class was full of NEW people so the pace was slower to accomadate.

However I weighed in on Friday Morning... I hit target NUMBER 1... to be at the SAME weight as this time last year (my birthday). Now I am on to goal number 2... wish me luck!


Not my best day... I stuck to my calories WITHOUT supplements, but I DRANK... Oh I DRANK. I had wine and Jager. I ate drunken PIZZA and corn bread. It was NOT a good day for my diet.


Run:40min (5.44km)

With 'Recovery' on my mind... I foregoed the 'shakes' and went to Cora's... YUM! I only ate my Maple, Apple, Cheddar Omellette, but that still managed to add up to OVER 800 calories... damn CHEESE!

I wanted SOO badly to get out on the bike, but with NO insurance (kicks in April 7th)... I sat out. I napped and lazed around until the THROBBING in my head died down. Than I tied on the sneakers and HIT the road. I had GREAT pacing and it felt right. I went 5k without STOPPING... and than I stopped and I nearly died. HUNGER+SICK+RUN= OVER DOING IT. I paid for that mistake.

I made it ALL back though with Easter Dinner NUMBER 1... Turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn, cauliflower IN CHEESE and a glass of wine. Sounds like HEALTHY choices, but still not within my calorie allowance... OH WELL it's a holiday!


Woke up for EASTER breakfast... Eggs Benedict. I resisted the temptation and had an English Muffin I need to do something to recover the calories of the last 3 days! BUT my seat at the table is FILLED with chocolate... it is after all easter, but COME ON! I can only handle so much... so I have M&M's with my toasted Muffin... not a great start to a day with TWO dinners. I stopped counting calories.

BUT I did manage to work in a NON-workout... I got a Wii!! I played Baseball and Tennis, Ping-Pong and POOL. (Thanks Honey... I love it!)

I joined Lauren and her family for dinner #1. It was yummy and reminded me of going to Nana's for dinner... very 'old' person food... including pickled onions! Does anyone eat those??? Than we played games and did an Easter Egg hunt.

Than I came home... hungry and had EASTER dinner #2, literally. It was a re-heated version of Saturday dinner and it was YUMMY!

Needless to say I stopped watching the calories, but I am back at it today.

I weighed in this morning and am SO surprised I am not even going to share the horid details. I am staying afterwork tonight to sort it out with a 7.5k run.


PS - 3 days till my birthday!!