Friday, April 23, 2010

I did it... not 8k, but went to the gym.

Running: 50mins (7km)
Calories: 755

I could have done the 8k, but I only get an hour for lunch and the above run was cutting it close! Atleast I went to the gym AND it doesn't appear I missed my number... my card remains the same ALTHOUGH I am closer to to getting an 'X' not as close as a 'T', but close. Sadly everyone is getting close. If I loose at BINGO again I am vowing to never PLAY again!

Story: We played Bingo on my floor (10-floor building) everyday admin.would send out numbers. The first person with a line wins. What? We didn't know, but it's a radio station... prizes are always good! I got the a line a day late. Then it was 'T' same thing happen... twice I missed out. Finally the grand prize; for a FULL card. I wanted it and was ONE number away... again. I got into work 7minutes late because of a SNOWstorm (typical). The numbers were posted. I scanned my card and WOW I won!! I hit Reply All and as I am typing, I get an email... some one else had a full card. I hit send anyways and got back a 'nope to late' reply. I missed it by seconds... and the prize turned out to be completely AWESOME! A day at the spa! I vowed not to play anymore games at work, but the gym... although at work, is with a different crowd.

I swear on this BLOG I will not play Bingo again if I don't win something (even a runner up... haha... get it... I am a runner and I want to be... nevermind).

I do feel better having gone for a run (good advice)... I feel back on track as I chow down on my salad... Mmm...

How about a little 'What Grinds my Gears'? My headphones are on the block today. For the last few weeks I have had a problem with ear sweat... gross, right? Well it throws off my entire RUN. It's like the river of sweat runs down my forehead, across my temple and down my sideburns (or where they would be) and RIGHT into my ear. Having a HARD ear piece it pools around the headpiece until it breaks into my ear. Once inside it flows into my little speaker and distorts the sound. Well that is happening the remaining water creates a sound proof wall between my ear drum AND said speaker... while running I have to try and clean the speaker AND my ear. This must look DUMB as I hobble along at warp speed! (that's a bit dramatic, but you get the idea). Does this happen to anyone else?!?!

Ok... I have to finish my salad and pack up because IT'S WEEKEND TIME!!



  1. Well, I hope you win at BINGO. Does it cost anything to play? If not, I say keep playing. What's the harm? And who knows, you might just win!

    Don't know what to tell you about the ear sweat. Can't say I've had that problem yet, but I'm trying to keep my workouts at a slightly lower intensity until I get my fitness level up. Maybe a headband? But that'd look too 80s...

  2. Today is my LAST day to win at BINGO... its free to play and I think the prizes are personal training sessions.

    I might try the headband (and I will take a picture... lol). I thought this was a normal problem ALTHOUGH the more I share the more I realize that I am the ONLY one with excessive ammounts of EAR sweat.