Monday, April 26, 2010


Still 4 pounds to loose... I have 5 days AND I can't hit the gym for 3 of them. Hmmm... Should be a FUN week.

It's early MONDAY morning and I am awake... I can't promise how much sense this will make.

Weekend was GOOD. Spent Friday night with friends. We intended to have a WINE, WINGS and Wii night. That turned into Pizza, Beer and Wii. Although I didn't drink... I got to play DD, better for my calories anyways. We ended up playing Mario Bros for 6hours! I highly recommend this game... it allows up to 4 players and its OLD school Mario Bros. Although the heat that builds up during the game I may recommend ONLY playing with close friends with a sense of humor, because you CAN kill each other... unintentionally. I think I even called one of the cutest, sweetest girl friends an asshole. Oops. Did I mention I was also VERY tired?

We had dedicated this weekend to studying the BIG and scary CFQ is tomorrow. We did study, but my little student knows must of the materials backwards and forwards. If left a lot of free time to just be... we rarely get that chance. It was nice.

Since I didn't work out this weekend I have a few FOODIE things to share.

First... I tried Cake Pops. I have been reading them on for almost a week now. I thought this can't be too hard... Well it is! I followed the directions (with only a few subsitutions). And they came out as balls of mush... excuse me, chocolate dipped balls of mush (to the left). The overall rating... no stars. IN FACT I threw them out... I threw out food! It hurt. See below for what they are suppose to looks like... (Although I don't need to label them... you know which is mine).
In an effort to redeem myself... I will now share my DINNER triumph. A girl at work had recommended I try this... table top tacos. They were AWESOME! The concept is taco fixings straight from the stove in a pan in the middle of the table ready for consumption... this MAY not be in the Lose it! food dictionary.


Cook one pound of Ground Beef (or meat of your choice) and drain. Return to LARGE pan and add 1 cup of water and a package of rice (brown minute rice works best). Cover and let simmer for 3 - 5 minutes (or until rice is cooked). Then top with shredded cheddar and cover. When cheese is melted... you're done. Bring it to the table and ENJOY! We dipped chips and scooped into taco shells... it was YUMMY!

I feel another redemption is necessary. So I failed at cake pops, I succeeded at greasey, high calorie tacos (which is a BIT of a fail when you're on a diet or lifestyle adjustment). I want to add what I prepared last night... a fresh fruit salad (while the chocolate chip cookies were baking... I swear they werent's for me!). I chopped up fresh pineapple, strawberries and my newest favorite thing... a mini melon. It's the size of a bowling ball and taste like its BIG sister... yum! So yes... I cheated this weekend... and YES I missed my run on Sunday sue to rain, but I am happy to say I enjoyed a huge fruit salad for my lunch on Sunday.

I am off to the gym today... I am going to run intervals for 7k. Wish my luck.


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