Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Off track, but not really...

Spinning: 45minutes (with the SCARIEST instructor EVER)
Sit-ups: 100
Calories: 770

I have become SO accustom to spending hours at the gym, that ONE work-out a day (even if it was INTENSE, like sweating out your eyeballs, but your instructor pushing you to your breaking point, but you keep going because in a sadistic way it feels GOOD!) feels like slacking.

It doesn't help that I am plateauing right now... it happens to the best of us BUT come ON!!!

I am wavering between 19 and 20 pounds lost right now... I can't seem to push past that! And with the schedule change I haven't had a chance to measure although I am sure I am down inches since last time, because my clothes fit better... I feel leaner... so I guess that is ALL that matters.

So... the sit-ups. I use to do a lot of sit-ups and push-ups BUT with NO kickboxing all of my work-outs are cardio so I added crunches... it doesn't look like much, but I am typically working on a short time frame (lunch hour) so I get in what I can get away with... things are chaos right now so I don't want to TEST the waters.

And finally a PET PEEVE... HIS eating habits are killing me!! I love him and I think he is perfect just the way he is, but he was BLESSED with a high metabolism... I was not... so the constant snacking makes it hard to stay focused. He loves his dorito's and ice cream, pepsi and chocolate... it's hard when it is around. He knows what I am doing and tries VERY hard to support me, but the snacking... especially in the evenings when I am SO hungry, but have already had dinner and shouldn't consume anything (we're talking 9pm or later). I think a lot of my weight derives from this... I was in a terrible relationship with a man that thought it best to yell at me ALL the time about my weight and what I was consuming... that I became fearful to enjoy and savour the simple foods I needed for existence... I got slack for everything I consumed even if it was TOO much water. Then I met Richard and he loves me just the way I am... at any size. He accepts ALL my bad habits, including snacking... I suddenly didn't have to hide it anymore... and it's like giving a poor man a million dollars... they go a little over board in the beginning!

Ok... rant over.

Back to work... and a NEW spin class today! yay!


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