Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where have I been?

At the gym.

Something has clicked the last couple weeks and I've been going to the gym 5 days a week. I don’t struggle to get up in the mornings anymore and I actually look forward the hustle of those mornings.

I have been struggling to feel ‘spent’. Do you know what I mean?? Like, a workout so intense and magnificent that you give EVERY THING you have to it. You barely waddle out and you know you couldn't have done any more. Spent. It’s satisfying and exhausting, but it garners results and when it doesn't you don’t care, because you gave all you had.

Well the last couple weeks I haven't been going to that level, I try to, I pretend to, but I just can’t get there. I think it’s my body giving up before my mind does. My mind is itching to go harder, faster and my body is like ‘give me a freakin’ break’.

I've also been asking my body to do ‘other things’, so I haven’t wanted to spend it all at the gym. I’m trying to jump two ditches. Or my pants won’t stay up, my sleeves won’t stay rolled and my shoes hurt my feet… all reasons I don’t spend it at the gym.

But this morning, I spent everything I had on this workout. I kicked, bounced and punched even after my body had given up I kept going. I am still sweaty and sore, but I know I couldn't have done more. That’s all I ever want… to know I did it all.

Now wish me luck on good news this week and we’ll keep at the spending.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Day in the Life - Revamp

UPDATED in the 'A Day in the Life' tab...

Things have changed dramatically in this day of this life. I recently jumped ship on the whole commuting to Toronto BS, joined the gym and my little nugget started sleeping straight through till morning. What a difference a couple months makes. I thought it was time to revise. And also, I am procrastinating. I have a beefy post, with hyperlinks and pictures, drawings and quotes, but it’s not ready and I don’t want to stare at it anymore. So I thought I would update the REST of my blog. We’re up to 17 daily reads; this is the big time people.

5:14a – My first alarm goes off, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I get up. (Thursdays I get to snooze once and Fridays… geez, Fridays I’m not even coherent until 6:30).

5:16a – Hustle around in the dark for my meds (one pill daily for my thyroid) and my water bottle.

5:18a – Shuffle into the bathroom, where my gym clothes are laid out and ready for me (thank you night time Melanie).

5:21a – Shimmy into my uber snug sports bra, curse the thing. Check the mirror and head to the stairs

*yes my mornings include a hustle, shuffle and a shimmy.

5:24a – in the kitchen, top up my water bottle and grab a snack; typically a piece of fruit, this morning was an Oreo. I just need something in my belly before I work out.

5:31a – Fire up the Hyundai Bullet, crank the heat and buckle in.

5:45a – Pull into the Mall parking lot (my gym is upstairs), laugh at all the gym go-ers (which is a lot  for 5:45a) that drive around looking for the best/closest spot so they can go to the gym and run on the treadmill #logic

5:50a – 6:35a – Every morning is different, but I am at the gym #workingonmyfitness, you’ll have to read the blog for the details.

6:40a – Gear up for the cold (this should be changing soon, please). Wave bye to Vanessa (my work out buddy) and head to the car.

6:47a – Pull into the driveway, see my dear husband in the window eating Eggo’s. He is a creature of habit.

*13 minutes of chit chat with the man

7:00a – Crack the door on Thomas’s bedroom, because the little chatter bug is singing to himself. And typically practising all of his new words… this morning was “Mummy, Please, Daddy, Please, Mum, Please”. Apparently our politeness is embedded in his core.

7:10a – Have our morning discussion.
Me: Thomas do you want to get up now?
Thomas: No
Me: Are you going to stay in bed all bed?
Thomas: Uh-huh
Me: Do you want to get dressed?
Thomas: No
Me: Do you want to go see Daddy?
Thomas: No
Me: What do you want to do?
Thomas: Book. Blanket. Sucky.
Me: Ok

7:13a – Leave Thomas reading, under the covers and hit the showers.

7:18a – (no time to dwaddle) wrapped in a huge towel, I get the little nugget up (this is usually a battle) and dressed and call Daddy for the hand-off.

7:23a – Try and do something with my hair.

7:26a – Give up.

7:27a – Head downstairs for breakfast, usually I am dressed and 9 times out of 10 I am presentable.

7:31a – Pack my lunch and gargle my ‘green’ shake, it’s gross but full of the good stuff.

7:36a – Fall on to the couch for cuddles with Thomas.

7:42a – Head out to work.

7:50a - I am AT work. Yes.

8a – 1:30p – Work, with ‘walking breaks’ every 40minutes. I have a timer that beeps every 40minutes; at that point I take a lap around the office, about 300 steps.

1:35p – Get home in time for Austin & Ally.

2:20p – Back to work after a hot lunch and sometimes a nap (those are the best days).

2:30-5p – Work, my walking breaks don’t usually make it into the afternoon. My work day entails a lot of data entry and formatting. Occasionally an email with Katl or the Mommies, just occasionally.

5:04p – In the car on my way to pick Thomas up from Daycare; usually on the phone with a parent. I am not choosey, whichever is available. If no parent is available, then I listen to Kiss 92.5, because Blake and Wilde are hilarious (some loyalties never waiver).

5:18p – Arrive at Holly’s, knock and watch as Thomas squeals for the door, but doesn’t come to the door.

5:20p – Get the rundown of Thomas’s day and start to try to lure him to the door. He is smart, and won’t get too close, because he doesn’t want to leave.

5:36p – Load Thomas in his carseat (yes, it takes that long).

5:40p – Hear all about his day, open the sun roof a dozen times and feed him a snack.

5:47p – Arrive home, Richard is (still) in the kitchen making dinner, we’ve got a great system; when I am not napping on lunch, I do the dinner prep. That way he can come home, read my note and get dinner finished in time for us to arrive home. He even cleans as he does it. #besthusband

6:20p – Wash off the boy and put the dishes away.

6:30p – Play. We just play in the evenings; it might mean blocks or books, guitar or colouring.

6:47p – Thomas climbs the stairs and proclaims ‘Nap.’ This is our cue to get him ready for bed.

7:17p – After a bath, massage and book, Thomas is snuggled in my arms watching Donald Duck cartoons until he finishes his bottle. Then it is off to bed.

7:24p – With empty bottle, monitor and phone in hand I truck down the stairs and collapse on the couch with Richard. We snuggle and watch mindless TV until I can’t keep my eyes open.

8:32p – I am going to bed.

10p – I am sound asleep wrapped in warm cocoon of contentment.

What a change from my previous post… no more I am more relaxed and happier in my day to day! The only change coming is the addition of a personal trainer in the evenings… this body is running out of time to be summer ready. 

Friday, March 13, 2015


4 days in a row!

Vanessa and I killed it at the gym this week. This is our first FULL week, we’ve managed to miss a day, every week leading up to this week (Missed alarm, car trouble, husband trouble, vacations and sick days… a lot goes into being a wife and mother, sometimes you have to put your wants/needs aside. We are good wives, better mothers and incredible human beings, for the record).

Gliders and Gossip
BODY Combat
Strength training a la Vanessa (ow!)
BODY Attack (Squeeze your Bottom)

I feel good today. My weigh in didn't go well and my measurements SUCKED, but eff it, I feel good. Sore in all the right places.

I am lucky to have a gym buddy!

Next week we go for FIVE. Eeeek!


Fitbit battles

I have had my battles with my fitbit. I am actually on #2. I have a direct line to Mike at customer support because of all of the issues this little nugget is having, but what it is good for is challenges. Now that I have friends (yup, I have friends)… challenges are WAY more fun. I am too freaking competitive to lose. So yesterday with all my friends in tow I started the Daily Challenge; a battle with friends on who can take the most steps.

It was a pretty basic day. I hit the gym in the morning for a little BODY Attack, which is just over 5000 steps in 45 minutes. Then I ran around with Thomas in the morning to get him settled… then it was just me, a boring day at the office. Lots of sitting on my butt.

Then the evening hit and Kitty was close on my heels with a commute in front of her.

The smack talk started.

And the race was on… I was up by 81 steps, than Kitty took it by 200 steps. It was close. I knew what I had to do.

(I didn’t know I was being filmed and the empty CHIP bag and OREO bag belong to Richard).

It was all good until my camera man sent this footage to my enemy. Kitty knew my secret.

And she was up to her own tricks.

It was close for a while… but then I took it and RAN!

I jogged for a little over a half an hour, it was time well spent, because I also hit 15,000 steps for the first time.

Until next time, Kitty.
Meaghan S was a part of our battle in spirit, but didn't wear her fitbit,
hence all the 'Still waiting on...' messages.


PS. Heather also killed it on the battle numbers with 7600 steps! That is amazing... she just managed to avoid all the silliness!

Gym Worshipper = Bad Teeth

So I might have an explanation to something that has ailed me my ENTIRE existence. My Teeth. I have terrible teeth, I have soft teeth and I have missing teeth, all of which I try to hide EVERYDAY. I cried everytime a tooth couldn't be saved, but we've never been able to figure out WHY I have such bad teeth. Part of it is genetics, my Dad has bad teeth and so does my Mom; both have no molars, for different reasons. Part of it is my inability to remember flossing (I try, but don't do it enough... but WHO DOES?). Part is because of my history with purging, because of stomach acids etc. But none of those are strong enough alone to explain the state of my teeth.
Then I stumbled across an article. 

This Article talks about how exercise can be a contributing  factor to bad teeth. It pulls the logic that working out creates dry mouth, which leaves bacteria to multiply and frolic freely. Saliva's main job, when you're not eating, is to flush all the toxins from your teeth and tongue.

Now I know what you're thinking, "She does NOT go to the gym enough to consider this a factor", oh but I do. I have been going to the gym 3-4 days a week for 10 years (which looking back says I should be WAY further along in this get fit adventure). That's a lot of dry mouth. 

Funnily enough I feel OK with this rationale.