Friday, February 26, 2010

What a day...

... and it's only 11:13am!

It snowed. It snowed and I slept in. It snowed, I slept in and the kids forgot to take out the recycle. It snowed, I slept in, the kids forgot to take out the recycle and I lost at BINGO. It snowed, I slept in, kids forgot recycle, lost BINGO and he is spending our FUNDS!

Yup... pretty much sucks.

I decided to use today as a REST day. Those are just as cruical as work-out days and I promise to take the stairs ALL DAY!

Things have to get better!


Well put! Check out this post 'The 5 Steps of Treadmill running'

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a disappointment...

...finally Thursday SPIN wasn't cancelled, but we had a rookie trainer who tried and FAILED to give us a GOOD workout.

SPIN: 45min
Calorie: 714

This class was intense, but I love a quick class with lots of intervals and sprints. Throw in some unique activities (like squats while riding - woah!) and I am SET! This class was ALL about hill climbs long boring HILL CLIMBS.

I also think this BLOG may be an EPIC FAIL. Does anyone even read this? I google search the title and NOTHING came up... it was a little disheartening. I was hoping someone would read this... oh well. Now it is a diary of my work-outs.

I also decided I want to open my own business... and since no one is reading this I can devulge the inner workings.

My hometown has NO facilities... well, they have several gyms, but they are lacking.

I want to open a circuit gym... 4 giant rooms. One for kick-boxing with water based bags an amazing stero and carpetted floor. One for HOT YOGA (and COLD YOGA). One for SPINNING. One for Gym Equipment. So you sign up for a FULL WORKOUT... something like a weekly schedule... one of each areas a week... maybe even start a running club within the walls of MY gym. Offer personal training and Have a nutritionist ON STAFF... with BIG change rooms and lots of showers.

You could have a monthly pass or pay for individual sessions... I think the start of cost would be HUGE, but than its just maintaining... I think it could be good, but I should probably be certified in SOMETHING before I get this off the ground... and it is probably already being planned...

Hmmm... I think I will do a little research. See what I can put together.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The FRUSTRATION is starting to build...

Spin: 45min
Calories: 814

Run: 40min (5.86k)
Run/Walk: 8min (1.05k)
Calories: 774

Things aren't working... I want to quit... running, spinning, boxing AND blogging! House sitting has put a dent in training. I don't do my evening classes, although I have mentioned to fit running in at lunch instead of after work, but boxing hasn't happen. That also means instead of a small dinner on the go... I am sitting down and eating... and eating. Again, I am keeping under my calorie count, but weighed in this morning UP 2.5 pounds.

I have nothing more to say.

I feel no LOVE today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damn... drafts DON'T save!

Hot Yoga: 60min
Calories: 1091

Run: 10min (1.53km)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 25min (5.17km)
Calories: 751

I typed this out yesterday. I saved as a draft... now I don't know where to find it. It was a great story of mty struggle through Hot Yoga... my triumphant win (finishing the class). It was poetic AND its gone.

I decided to treat myself on Sunday with a little HOT YOGA (it's only 5minutes from where I am living for now). I went to Kula in Oakville ( I attended a Power Flow class and it was fantastic. I always feel so refreshed... I guess I should, I sweat my entire body weight and re-fuel. I normally do a 90-minute class and DIE half way through. This time I completed the FULL 60.

PS - I found my draft, but I can't CUT and PASTE so you'll never read it... sorry.

Monday started out GREAT. (this is a two for one BLOG). I am house sitting this week and my commute shrunk dramatically (90min to 25min). I got to work and had a PILE of work on my desk, which sounds daunting, but it fantastic, because TIME FLIES. I got everything done and went to the gym for my RUN. It was went well... I was doing sprints, run for 3minutes, sprint for 1minute, walk for 1minute... it felt good. I am getting the hang of this.

Than the SNOW hit and I battled traffic for 2 and half HOURS to get home.

On top of that I feel gross lately... I am eating the same (maybe a few extra snacks BARELY) and I am working out hard. I sleep a lot and better than before, yet I feel like I am gaining... granted I can't weigh in where I am living, but I can just feel it. ARGH! It makes me want to scream I was doing SO good. I felt good... I looked better (even Richard noticed) and then for NO reason I started to slip off the wagon. I can't figure it out. I don't understand at all. I am so frustrated, this is where I would normally give up, but I think if I just ride through this 'chubby' week I will come out on the other side feeling better... cross your fingers...

I also NEED to do this... We're talking about moving away... far away and I don't want to start a new life looking and feeling like this. I want to start a new life feeling fabulous. ARGH!

Spin calls is starting ANY minute so I have to go...


Friday, February 19, 2010

Squeaked ONE more in...

Run: 35min (5.27km)
Run.Walk: 8min (1.14km)
Calories: 719

Its the WEEKEND! I didn't sleep and I am exhausted, but like a good little resolutionist, I went to the gym this afternoon.

The run felt good. It took a minute to get into the groove, but the time went by quickly.

I sweat like a crazy person. I couldn't GET to the fan... the treadmills are SO packed in that you can't (atleast my ass) fit between them to get to the ledge to turn on the fan. Needless to say it was HOT!

I am going out for dinner tonight. I did an extra sprint to cover the BIG salad I am going to have. We're going to Montana's... its a Toasted Pecan and Goat Cheese Salad with SPICY dressing... yum! But even as a salad it is HIGH calorie... and there should be cake after all it is Peto's birthday today!

Up for discussion... MUSIC!

I spent a lot of my morning looking for NEW music... running 4 days a week for 40+ minutes makes the music you listen to incredibly important. So here is my current play list. My power song is 'Call to Arms' by Angels & Airwaves... it makes me run fast and hard.

1. Born to be Alive - Disco Kings
2. Calabria 2007 - Enur feat. Natasja
3. Cry for You - September
4. I'm Running *obvious* - Misstress Barbara feat. Sam Roberts
5. Lose Yourself - Eminem
6. Hush Hush; Hush Hush - Pussy Cat Dolls
7. Call to Arms - Angels & Airwaves
8. Rasputin - Boney M (a classic)
9. Move Along - All American Rejects
10. Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood (I don't know. Its a CLUB anthem)
11. That's Not my Name - The Ting Tings **FAVORITE**
12. My My My - Armand Van Helden
13. Over It (Cry Baby) - Addictiv
14. Glitter in the Air - Pink
15. If I Were a Boy - Beyonce
16. Beside You - Marianas Trench

I skipp through songs depending on my mood... but there it is. The thing that keeps me moving.

I would LOVE suggestions, but thus far no one has any.

I am packing up.



Kickboxing: 50mins
Calories: 854

The Calories MAY vary per day, but I base it on the average provided by my apps, because I am sure I worked harder last night than any other time this week... except maybe Wednesdays run.

I now remember why I LOVE Thursday Kick-boxing. Doris is INCREDIBLE! She is quick and organized. She is agressive and fun! I love working with her and wish I could convince her to be my personal trainer.

Last night, muscle confusion, was maxed out! We warmed up (with no mindless lunges), we sprinted and skipped. We bounced and jumped. Then we got on the bag, it was only brief routines broken up with push-ups, hail mary's and squats. We were constantly moving I had no chance to look at the clock OR question the instruction.

In short... if you want to try Kick Boxing; Thursdays at Borelands will get you HOOKED!

Now a short rant... (two parts) first, I work in a building with 10 floors. I am on the 5th. Yes, I use the elevator. Only for UP not for DOWN. My biggest pet peeve is people who use the elevator for ONE floor! Unless you are disabled or carrying massive bags... use the STAIRS! And the worst... Between Ground Floor and Second Floor there isn't even a FULL flight of stairs! ARGH!

Second, the scale. I don't get it. Like I have always said I don't understand how the system works. I vegged and ate on the weekend and lost 2pounds... I went for my daily weigh in today (after being down last night by another pound) and I am UP to last weeks weight. How the hell did I gain 3 pounds OVERNIGHT?! I don't get it. I thought I was doing SO well this week. I also started my supplements. So I am not recording today's weight... it is too upsetting and God only knows where I will be after this weekend.

Does sleep affect anything? Because I couldn't sleep last night. I think the supplements NEED to be taken during the day. I think they work with energy enhancers that can't be taken 3hours before bed, work-out or not.

Ok... rant complete. Next week I won't be doing ANY after work, work-outs. I am house sitting.

Off to running... 45mins today. We'll see how it goes.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Milk? Try Chocolate After Your Workout

Proof I didn't dream up the idea!!

Check out the link... (although I will make any excuse to DRINK chocolate milk!)

Got Milk? Try Chocolate After Your Workout



Cancelled! AGAIN!

How frustrating! I planned my day and diet around SPINNING!

Not sure what is going on at my gym, but EPIC FAIL!

Try something new!

Run: 36min (5.27km)
Run/walk: 8min (1.01km)
Calories: 676

Wednesday is a busy day in my life… getting over the hump has never been harder! I wake up late EVERY WEDNESDAY! I rush to work to make it on time. I run around all day waiting for the ideal time to slip away and go for a run. It is usually NEVER a good time, but I go anyways. I run more than any other day. My injuries (bra related) grow and when I am done I walk my sweaty ass back to my desk and sit there until it is time to run to brownies. I am ALWAYS late and they always start without me, which is fine BUT last night we had guests. I was LATE for Hula night; another GREAT alternative to working out. It’s not counting above, because I ran the CD player. My arms did the dancing… my hips to little to no swaying.

My run was LONG and tiring, but I felt good throughout. My muscle kept up with the pace I set… higher than normal.

I just want to SEE more results. I want people who haven’t seen me in weeks, months, years to comment on how GREAT I look. They don’t right now, but its only 9pounds – 9pounds and no more inches (no more beyond the 9from 2 weeks ago).

Today I invested in supplements – yup! I need the help and I am not ashamed to get it! Although I always find it incredible intimidating to walk into a health food store. I feel like it is a club I am not apart of EVEN though I have a GOLD member card. I feel like my outward appearance doesn’t reflect ALL my hard work at the gym. I feel like a slob looking for an easy way out. NOT the case, at least not this time.

I re-stocked my supply of ‘Be Hot’ because I DO believe it helps. I don’t plan to take it as a daily supplement, but I will use it before BIG workouts. I also thought I would try ‘Be Buff’ a protein supplement. I do a lot of HEAVY muscle work and I think my muscle deserve a treat. I will let you know how all that pans out.

I also had an interesting morning. I met with a Neurologist. Since the blood clots in ’08 I haven’t been myself. I gained the 60pounds… I can’t remember and I can’t focus. Basically my hormones are in uproar. The latest transition is ‘black outs’ I call them that, when in fact I don’t black out at all. I get dizzy and things get fuzzy basically I become COMPLETELY useless for 30seconds. So I went to the specialist as recommended by my doctor. Turns out I am NOT anxious OR depressed (good to know) I am a migraine sufferer and the little spells are the beginning of a migraine. He isn’t sure how they don’t ALL turn in to migraines, I think its my unwillingness to except I need to take a sick day. I power through and still go to the gym and do everything as I always would.

That’s just me.

So there you have it… new pills are being introduced. Wish me LUCK! The only side effect is increased appetite (great!). Do the powers that be want me FAT?!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kick-Boxing: 50mins
Spinning: 45mins
Calories: 1668

Wow… it’s a wonder how the body works. I indulged on the weekend (even though I kept to my calorie count) and missed work-outs. I figured I would spend the majority of this week getting back into the groove of things, but this morning I weighed in and lost another 2 pounds, 2 POUNDS! I don’t know how it works. I don’t know when food converts to fat or fat converts to muscle. I don’t understand when my work-outs take affect or how it all comes together, but I am glad it does. Seeing results is HUGE motivation. We’ll see where we are Friday when I weigh in and measure… today was unofficial, but still worth sharing.

I missed Monday’s run, which let to an even harder Tuesday work-out. Monday is the appetizer; Tuesday is the main course and skipping the appetizer proved to be painful! I got to spin class, alone. I was on the wrong bike and the class was filled with REAL spinners (physically fit people who LIVE for this and all where the fancy shoes). There was no chance of competition. I was at the back of the pack and likely to stay there for the entire class, but I did my best. Everything felt awkward and my muscles were sore, but I held in to the end. Sweat dripped off of me like a tap running on full speed. I got to the last hill and died. My head was spinning, but body ached. I couldn’t even take part in the stretching, because I couldn’t lift my head! Granted I didn’t eat before class, but wow what a shocker! I just kept thinking… the pain is for the birthday cake… ALL 4 PIECES.

I also did something different this class. I have GNC ‘Be Hot’ power packs in my work-out bag. It’s a salad of pink pills. I wish I knew what they were I would feel more comfortable taking them, but it is said to increase weight-loss and endurance for work-outs. I took them in the summer and didn’t see results, but I still had a few packs left over. Yesterday I took one right before class thinking I need ALL the help I can get today.

Maybe that’s where the 2 pounds went… maybe they DO work. Maybe I need to get more and add it to my daily regime.

Check out the link for a complete write up and reviews.

The jury is still out on that though.

I am off to the treadmill to start this weeks running schedule.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ok, 4 days off didn’t bode well on my ‘fitness’ plan.

I celebrated 5 birthdays (with cake), had Valentine ’s Day chocolate and family day brunch. I missed Monday’s run and Friday’s run was a disaster!

I got on the scale this morning and was shocked at a 3 pound GAIN! I know it’s mainly water as I stuck to my daily calorie allowance, but I indulged and used those calories for evil. I had cake… I had ice cream… and I paid the price. My body has grown to enjoy the healthy lifestyle and I spent Monday feeling the ramifications of crappy eating habits.

It wasn’t ideal that Thursday’s SPIN class was cancelled or that my iphone wouldn’t open my running app on Friday.

All that being said, I am BACK on the band wagon and heading to SPIN class.

Wish me luck.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two for One day... Wednesday first!

Run: 32min (3.96km)
Sprint/Walk: 6min (.53km)
Tai Chi: 30min
Calories: 745

Yup, Tai Chi. A fan dance actually complete with warm up (the hugging tree) and cool down (pushing mountains). I am always fascinated by keep-fit methods. Although I don’t think I could do Tai Chi seriously it did focus a lot on relaxation and proper breathing; which I enjoy. A good deep breath can rectify any situation. Granted my introduction was with a class of 5 hyper little girls. (I am a brownie Leader and this was a step towards our ‘active living’ badge).

My run went well, despite the upsetting distances. I think my sensor was off, because I did the same run Monday in fact, I ran MORE yesterday and didn’t go near as far. I find it hard to run without something to run from.

I need drama in my life for the need to escape, when all is well I have nothing to focus on. It made my run long and boring… yet, another reason I can’t wait till spring to get back outdoors.

Although this weekend I intend (no matter the temp) to run outside. I have to... to keep to this schedule I can’t slack off for 4 days (family day long weekend). I am also sure at some point over the weekend I will indulge in mass amounts of chocolate... it is after all Valentine's Day.

AND I am happy to report… weekly weigh in, I am down another pound; bringing my total loss in 6 weeks to 7pounds. I wish it was happening faster, but I am thrilled to see results. It makes it ALL worth it. In fact, I am on my way to SPIN class right now.

More to come!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Morning After...

Kick Boxing: 55min
Spinning: 45min
Calories: 1668

I survived another Tuesday and I am going to write about it as yesterday versus trying to fool you with ‘today’ talk even though the BLOG keeps track of my entries…

It’s early Wednesday morning and I am yet to feel the 24hour aches. I think my body is delayed (I have always been slightly behind in the development stage) I typically feel the burn 48hours after my workout. Just in time for my next DOUBLE workout.

It was amazing during SPINNING yesterday my legs and my mind had a fight. A pretty serious one at that. At one point ,my legs said ‘NO, we are NOT doing this anymore’, but my mind argued that she was in control and ‘YES, they were going to continue’. I was present for the power struggle and despite my legs rebellion they eventually kicked in to my minds mind set and bingo bango I made it through another intense class. I barely had the energy to walk back to my desk.

I look forward to the burn. In fact, I question my work-out if the burn doesn’t follow. I mean, didn’t I workout hard enough? Or am I in better shape than I thought? Did I supplement enough protein for muscle growth? Did I do anything right?

I also love spinning, because it is NEW and fresh. It is an tense workout. Sweat drips from my face, my muscles sting and my heart races, but mainly I love it for the competition. Yes, I know we’re on stationary bike. There is NO racing or ‘catching up’, but I love the competition. I can’t stop if the people on either side of me are still pushing it. I can’t ‘lose’. I do know the people on either side. One is a co-worker. The only other female in my office. We don’t always get along and I think we pick at each other a lot, I have been called a bitch and returned the favor, but when we get to the gym its kismet. We challenge each other and are starting from a similar plateau. The REAL competition comes from my left. An experienced spinner (10 years in) and he yells at me to keep up, questions my posture and technique and EVEN sweats more than I do. It’s an ALL OUT competition when he is beside me. It is also nice for someone in my office to see me trying, to realize I didn’t get to this size because I am lazy. I think it gives me new worth in his eyes and it helps our professional relationship. I also feel apart of the ‘cool kids’ club.

The rest of my day I spent contemplating (like every Tuesday) do I NEED to go to Kick Boxing? I hate Tuesdays class… the instructor is inexperienced and scattered. I LOVE Thursday’s class. I feel challenged and fulfilled afterwards, but this will be the 3rd week that I can’t make it too. I never get to go to Thursday, something always comes up or traffic prevents me from attending.

So I debate going, but I always go.

Last night was the worst, although I got a GREAT workout. Our instructor doesn’t plan ahead; she does whatever pops into her head; like lunges for 20minutes of the 50 minute class. I am there to kick box. I am there to work my arms, spinning works my legs. Anyways… we will be doing one thing and counting down and at 3 she’ll start doing something else. The music is always too loud and you can NEVER hear her random commands. Once I get on the bag I do my own thing and I enjoy that aspect. I love getting the aggression out. Working the arms and throwing strong kicks, but last night I decided to take on my very intimidating WATER BOTTLE. He snuck up on me, but a solid kick and his innards were splashed all over the mat! I won! He lost… but I lose, because I had to clean up the mess and I no longer had refreshments to quench my growing thirst. Next time I will choose my opponents more wisely.

I got home and I always intend to have a shower and go to bed, but lately dinner has been waiting for me… which although a nice gesture, I hate it. I eat dinner before I workout so I am NOT eating at 10pm, but when I get home and I am starving it is harder to turn down hot fresh food than you’d think... and up go my calories. I still stay under my daily allowance, but MAN I wish I was 1000 under instead of 200.

I am also wondering… when does the weight loss show? I mean that in a grander scale. Yesterday I burned an insane amount of calories with HUGE cardio workouts… so should the scale reflect that THIS morning, tomorrow morning… or in my case EVER?

How does it all work? I need to do more research, because I feel like I am doing something wrong.

As for supplements; I am debating going back to CLA. I believe it works and as the price increases it proves the trend is catching on, but I would love to rid my body of any extra pills and do everything naturally… hmmm…


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First day of WEEK TWO...

Run: 4.92km (32min)
Run/walk: 1.01km (6min)
Weights: 25min
Calories: 1015 burned

Today (Monday) was a good day. I was crazy busy at work and watched the time fly by. All this lead to a craving to hit the gym to enjoy the simplicity of running. It’s hard to think and run. You can feel the music pounding through your ears. Even a simple countdown takes full concentration (I count down at the 5minute mark… starting at 300… 299…298…). I started week 2 of my intermediate running schedule (I will try and post the schedule, but I am new to this).

I felt my stride and it felt good.

Monday’s always run (pun intended) smoothly. I have spent 2 days resting and rebuilding muscles. At least that is what I tell myself on the lazy Sunday. This past weekend was more intense and involved a move, with lots of lifting and stairs. Always good to sneak in a workout, that’s not a REAL workout.

We’ll see if it was worth it on Friday… Measurements and Weigh in.

Today’s topic… unassuming injuries. You can expect to suffer some injuries, if you don’t train right. You can even expect them if you DO train right. A rolled ankle, a pulled hamstring, but what about the little injuries no one discusses? The injuries other runners will agree upon, if only you bring it up first.

Today’s injury; rub marks on the soft skin under your chest. Cause… a BAD bra! 40 minutes of running with the natural bounce leaves red welts all over my torso. Today was so bad I cried while showering… the warm water ran over the fresh wound and YE-OW! Any female runner with a chest knows what I am talking about! Now, I am still new and still trying to work out a resolution. If anyone has one… please share. Although the obvious solution… BOOB JOB, kidding. I need a better bra. I am going to test them out this month. Today’s secondary injury (and still bra related)… little cuts on my collar bone for a stiff strap digging in during a long run.

Those are the injuries I am trying to over come… I am afraid of the day I sustain a REAL running injury. Wait for that Blog… it will probably house a lot of inappropriate words.

I also did a NIKE TRAINING… (the link to join I highly recomend this site.) Monday’s CORE exercise of the day; the LOG CHOP and TWIST. If I could figure out how to post a video it would be HERE, until then… a verbal description… Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend in your knee with a medicine ball in your hands. Swing the ball over your head and than through your legs, squatting to get a deep stretch. Using the momentum from the ball do that twice, on the third swing twist to one side, letting the medicine ball end up just to the outside of your knee. Bring the ball back up and on your way back down, twist to the other side. Keep that up for 2minutes… it won’t burn at first, but it will.

That’s it for Monday… Time to sleep for Tuesday… the dreaded day of the double work-out. DUN DUN DUN.


PS- I can't figure out how to add my workout... BUT this is the basic shell of it... I supplemented the 'workout' days with my current routine (kickboxing, spinning, Nike weigh training)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day ONE - Feb 5, 2010

Workout - RUN (30+5... 4.06km)
Calories - 456

I am excited to write an entry. The start of anything new is exciting, but it made my run go by quick, because I had something to think about. I thought about TOPICS (yay). Things to write in my blog... it is so dorky I nearly tripped on my pants day dreaming about the millions of fans this is going to attract.

Today I thought I would introduce my gear... its a love hate relationship. Consider this the 'Melanie's favorite things' blog... with a dash of cynicism.

** Before I go any further... please excuse spelling and word slips... I try to catch every mistake, but I think faster than I type. It's an excitement thing.

I will start with my FAVOURITE things...

My Lululemon Pants - I just (actually for Christmas) got a pair of 'Luon' pants. I always aspired to own something Lulu. Richard helped with that last Spring with a sweater (see, he is fantastic). That rumor (the aspiring, not the Richards fantastic) floated around my inner circle and I ALWAYS get something Lulu on the holidays. Anyways, back to the pants. They are full length with a drawstring in the hem. That way I can hike them up to 3/4's if I am riding the bike or running. The idea is GREAT, but it doesn't always work. They droop the faster I run or peddle. Which can be a problem, but the way the they make my ass look... I'll forgive that flaw.

My Nike+ Sensor - I always got this for Christmas. It is fantastic. If you aren't familiar. Its a little sensor about the size of a twoonie that you tuck in your shoe. Through pure magic it talks to your iphone... its delivers secret messages or pace, distance and calories burned. It also speaks to you through the headphones... time remaining and distance. It's like having a little coach in your head yelling, 'you can do it!'

My Iphone - Which probably should have come even before the Lulu pants (they are just newer). This phone is incredible. I use APPS to regulate my diet (Loseit!), find smoothie recipes and dinner recipes. I track my runs and other workouts with graphs and charts. So even when the scale won't budge you can see the results on this wonder of a phone.

My Bra - Not a favorite, but if any other female runners read this; you know how important a GOOD bra is. You need the support or the girls are flying all over the place. This I know from experience. I have suffered many wounds with these 'C' cups. I am still searching for the perfect over shoulder boulder holder, but for now I have a La Senza sport bra that seems to do the trick and lucky for me it was on-sale for 19.99.

My Shoes - The oldest of the bunch. I have a fearless pair of Nike running shoes. They spent last summer with me. Across (through) the mud, rain, grass and pavement and they LOOK fantastic. They look used and I consider it a trophy. I debated buying $120 shoes... was I really going to stick to running? But the shoes worked magic. When ever I felt like laying in bed I thought about the money I wasted (or would have otherwise wasted) on these shoes.

My Headphones - These NEED to be at the bottom. I hate my headphones, but I haven't found the time or motivation to get new ones. They are the standard ipod headphones. They are hard and uncomfortable. They don't stay in my ears and with a GOOD sweat that clog up and fall out.

So, that's it. That is all you get today. If I could type AND run these blogs would be longer and probably more entertaining, but the blood stops flowing and the ideas melt away before I can get to the computer.

What I can say is I love to RUN! It is relaxing. If you haven't tried it... you should. It clears your mind and puts things in perspective.

Enjoy the weekend!


In the beginning...

OK. It's not the VERY beginning, but its the beginning of the time I realized I could blog and probably find like minded people to swap ideas with.

It's also a motivational thingy-ish idea.

I need to do this, this time. I need to have consequences, beyond feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

That being said... I need to introduce the content of this 'blog'.

I am writing to keep track of my journey from 'FAT' to 'FIT' (even though I HATE that term 'fat'... I am chubby, plump with rounded edges, but the play on words works.)

A quick bio... I am now 26. I have passed my scary age of 25 and have yet to be content with my life.

Everything else (beyond size) have fallen into place. I have a loving partner (he's more than a boyfriend, but is testing my patience on the 'marriage' thing). He is considerate and thoughtful, supportive and strong. He is great. I have a DREAM job, that allows me to explore my imagination and excel. I just bought a NEW car and motorcycle. Reading this I sound like an optimistic dreamer who longs for something to complain about.

I live with my 'in-laws' (there's enough to complain about), and since the move (to save for a house) I have gained 50 pounds!!! (This is where scary music should start). Their family can EAT and EAT... cookies, candies, chocolate, butter, cream... they can EAT with NO repercussions. I entered their world and suffered enough consequences for the whole family. Although I can't completely blame them... I also got sick. I spent 6 months in and out of hospitals before someone realized my biggest problem was my thyroid... the nasty little thing doesn't work.... this DOES not help the new found haven of all things fattening where I find myself residing.

So the point... (I am getting there)... I made the resolution to get in shape. Not to loose weight or get skinny, but to get healthy. I do want a BIG wedding, where I am highlighted as a stunning bride in a form fitting dress. I do want KIDS and a figure when I am done giving birth. So it all started Jan 1, 2010.

I stopped blaming the world around me, despite what above says... and realized I need to make a change, a commitment beyond starving myself or killing myself at the gym.

I am not going to reveal my weight... its all to scary. I will update my loss in inches AND pounds.

My progress so far from January 1 is... 9inches and 6pounds.

BUT the point of this BLOG isn't to brag, its to discuss HOW I am doing this.

I have a history of failed work-out attempts... this time I decided to take everything I loved from years of failing and put it in to one rock solid plan....

I will RUN my ass off!

I will RUN in a marathon.

I will RUN for Breast Cancer Awareness. I did this last year. I trained all summer (lost NO weight or inches... even I can admit it was HALF ass-ed training, but it was something). I ran the 5k in 35minutes.

OK... so that is my goal, beyond getting in shape. I want to be healthy... mind, body and soul.

You're now wishing I would STOP rambling and get to the point.

My workout... I have a few motivational partners through this endeavour.

MY IPHONE is my biggest partner... I use APPS for everything. I use 'Loseit' for calorie intake, I use NIKE+ to track my running, I use NIKE training for core stretches and exercise AND I log it all on my NOTEPAD.

I have committed to an intermediate RUNNING schedule with a FEW additions...

Mondays - I run (pre-determined times, all increasing weekly) and do NIKE strength training (push-ups, sit-ups, weights etc.)
Tuesday - I spin (50mins) and I kickbox (60mins)
Wednesday - I am suppose to run (same pre-determines time as Monday), but some weeks I use this as my REST day, because on the soul cleansing front I volunteer with girl guides (trust me its a work-out)
Thursday - I spin (50mins) and I kickbox (60mins)
Friday - I run and do NIKE strength training (similar to Monday)
Saturday - REST
Sunday - If I am lucky. I run OUTSIDE, for a certain distance.

So... there it is.

I will write as much as I can... I will discuss work-outs, likes and dislikes, foods, recipes, cheats and progress. Come with me... it should be an interesting year. We'll see if STRESS really does contribute to weight gain.