Friday, February 19, 2010


Kickboxing: 50mins
Calories: 854

The Calories MAY vary per day, but I base it on the average provided by my apps, because I am sure I worked harder last night than any other time this week... except maybe Wednesdays run.

I now remember why I LOVE Thursday Kick-boxing. Doris is INCREDIBLE! She is quick and organized. She is agressive and fun! I love working with her and wish I could convince her to be my personal trainer.

Last night, muscle confusion, was maxed out! We warmed up (with no mindless lunges), we sprinted and skipped. We bounced and jumped. Then we got on the bag, it was only brief routines broken up with push-ups, hail mary's and squats. We were constantly moving I had no chance to look at the clock OR question the instruction.

In short... if you want to try Kick Boxing; Thursdays at Borelands will get you HOOKED!

Now a short rant... (two parts) first, I work in a building with 10 floors. I am on the 5th. Yes, I use the elevator. Only for UP not for DOWN. My biggest pet peeve is people who use the elevator for ONE floor! Unless you are disabled or carrying massive bags... use the STAIRS! And the worst... Between Ground Floor and Second Floor there isn't even a FULL flight of stairs! ARGH!

Second, the scale. I don't get it. Like I have always said I don't understand how the system works. I vegged and ate on the weekend and lost 2pounds... I went for my daily weigh in today (after being down last night by another pound) and I am UP to last weeks weight. How the hell did I gain 3 pounds OVERNIGHT?! I don't get it. I thought I was doing SO well this week. I also started my supplements. So I am not recording today's weight... it is too upsetting and God only knows where I will be after this weekend.

Does sleep affect anything? Because I couldn't sleep last night. I think the supplements NEED to be taken during the day. I think they work with energy enhancers that can't be taken 3hours before bed, work-out or not.

Ok... rant complete. Next week I won't be doing ANY after work, work-outs. I am house sitting.

Off to running... 45mins today. We'll see how it goes.


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