Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Kick-Boxing: 50mins
Spinning: 45mins
Calories: 1668

Wow… it’s a wonder how the body works. I indulged on the weekend (even though I kept to my calorie count) and missed work-outs. I figured I would spend the majority of this week getting back into the groove of things, but this morning I weighed in and lost another 2 pounds, 2 POUNDS! I don’t know how it works. I don’t know when food converts to fat or fat converts to muscle. I don’t understand when my work-outs take affect or how it all comes together, but I am glad it does. Seeing results is HUGE motivation. We’ll see where we are Friday when I weigh in and measure… today was unofficial, but still worth sharing.

I missed Monday’s run, which let to an even harder Tuesday work-out. Monday is the appetizer; Tuesday is the main course and skipping the appetizer proved to be painful! I got to spin class, alone. I was on the wrong bike and the class was filled with REAL spinners (physically fit people who LIVE for this and all where the fancy shoes). There was no chance of competition. I was at the back of the pack and likely to stay there for the entire class, but I did my best. Everything felt awkward and my muscles were sore, but I held in to the end. Sweat dripped off of me like a tap running on full speed. I got to the last hill and died. My head was spinning, but body ached. I couldn’t even take part in the stretching, because I couldn’t lift my head! Granted I didn’t eat before class, but wow what a shocker! I just kept thinking… the pain is for the birthday cake… ALL 4 PIECES.

I also did something different this class. I have GNC ‘Be Hot’ power packs in my work-out bag. It’s a salad of pink pills. I wish I knew what they were I would feel more comfortable taking them, but it is said to increase weight-loss and endurance for work-outs. I took them in the summer and didn’t see results, but I still had a few packs left over. Yesterday I took one right before class thinking I need ALL the help I can get today.

Maybe that’s where the 2 pounds went… maybe they DO work. Maybe I need to get more and add it to my daily regime.

Check out the link for a complete write up and reviews.

The jury is still out on that though.

I am off to the treadmill to start this weeks running schedule.


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