Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Morning After...

Kick Boxing: 55min
Spinning: 45min
Calories: 1668

I survived another Tuesday and I am going to write about it as yesterday versus trying to fool you with ‘today’ talk even though the BLOG keeps track of my entries…

It’s early Wednesday morning and I am yet to feel the 24hour aches. I think my body is delayed (I have always been slightly behind in the development stage) I typically feel the burn 48hours after my workout. Just in time for my next DOUBLE workout.

It was amazing during SPINNING yesterday my legs and my mind had a fight. A pretty serious one at that. At one point ,my legs said ‘NO, we are NOT doing this anymore’, but my mind argued that she was in control and ‘YES, they were going to continue’. I was present for the power struggle and despite my legs rebellion they eventually kicked in to my minds mind set and bingo bango I made it through another intense class. I barely had the energy to walk back to my desk.

I look forward to the burn. In fact, I question my work-out if the burn doesn’t follow. I mean, didn’t I workout hard enough? Or am I in better shape than I thought? Did I supplement enough protein for muscle growth? Did I do anything right?

I also love spinning, because it is NEW and fresh. It is an tense workout. Sweat drips from my face, my muscles sting and my heart races, but mainly I love it for the competition. Yes, I know we’re on stationary bike. There is NO racing or ‘catching up’, but I love the competition. I can’t stop if the people on either side of me are still pushing it. I can’t ‘lose’. I do know the people on either side. One is a co-worker. The only other female in my office. We don’t always get along and I think we pick at each other a lot, I have been called a bitch and returned the favor, but when we get to the gym its kismet. We challenge each other and are starting from a similar plateau. The REAL competition comes from my left. An experienced spinner (10 years in) and he yells at me to keep up, questions my posture and technique and EVEN sweats more than I do. It’s an ALL OUT competition when he is beside me. It is also nice for someone in my office to see me trying, to realize I didn’t get to this size because I am lazy. I think it gives me new worth in his eyes and it helps our professional relationship. I also feel apart of the ‘cool kids’ club.

The rest of my day I spent contemplating (like every Tuesday) do I NEED to go to Kick Boxing? I hate Tuesdays class… the instructor is inexperienced and scattered. I LOVE Thursday’s class. I feel challenged and fulfilled afterwards, but this will be the 3rd week that I can’t make it too. I never get to go to Thursday, something always comes up or traffic prevents me from attending.

So I debate going, but I always go.

Last night was the worst, although I got a GREAT workout. Our instructor doesn’t plan ahead; she does whatever pops into her head; like lunges for 20minutes of the 50 minute class. I am there to kick box. I am there to work my arms, spinning works my legs. Anyways… we will be doing one thing and counting down and at 3 she’ll start doing something else. The music is always too loud and you can NEVER hear her random commands. Once I get on the bag I do my own thing and I enjoy that aspect. I love getting the aggression out. Working the arms and throwing strong kicks, but last night I decided to take on my very intimidating WATER BOTTLE. He snuck up on me, but a solid kick and his innards were splashed all over the mat! I won! He lost… but I lose, because I had to clean up the mess and I no longer had refreshments to quench my growing thirst. Next time I will choose my opponents more wisely.

I got home and I always intend to have a shower and go to bed, but lately dinner has been waiting for me… which although a nice gesture, I hate it. I eat dinner before I workout so I am NOT eating at 10pm, but when I get home and I am starving it is harder to turn down hot fresh food than you’d think... and up go my calories. I still stay under my daily allowance, but MAN I wish I was 1000 under instead of 200.

I am also wondering… when does the weight loss show? I mean that in a grander scale. Yesterday I burned an insane amount of calories with HUGE cardio workouts… so should the scale reflect that THIS morning, tomorrow morning… or in my case EVER?

How does it all work? I need to do more research, because I feel like I am doing something wrong.

As for supplements; I am debating going back to CLA. I believe it works and as the price increases it proves the trend is catching on, but I would love to rid my body of any extra pills and do everything naturally… hmmm…


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