Friday, February 5, 2010

In the beginning...

OK. It's not the VERY beginning, but its the beginning of the time I realized I could blog and probably find like minded people to swap ideas with.

It's also a motivational thingy-ish idea.

I need to do this, this time. I need to have consequences, beyond feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

That being said... I need to introduce the content of this 'blog'.

I am writing to keep track of my journey from 'FAT' to 'FIT' (even though I HATE that term 'fat'... I am chubby, plump with rounded edges, but the play on words works.)

A quick bio... I am now 26. I have passed my scary age of 25 and have yet to be content with my life.

Everything else (beyond size) have fallen into place. I have a loving partner (he's more than a boyfriend, but is testing my patience on the 'marriage' thing). He is considerate and thoughtful, supportive and strong. He is great. I have a DREAM job, that allows me to explore my imagination and excel. I just bought a NEW car and motorcycle. Reading this I sound like an optimistic dreamer who longs for something to complain about.

I live with my 'in-laws' (there's enough to complain about), and since the move (to save for a house) I have gained 50 pounds!!! (This is where scary music should start). Their family can EAT and EAT... cookies, candies, chocolate, butter, cream... they can EAT with NO repercussions. I entered their world and suffered enough consequences for the whole family. Although I can't completely blame them... I also got sick. I spent 6 months in and out of hospitals before someone realized my biggest problem was my thyroid... the nasty little thing doesn't work.... this DOES not help the new found haven of all things fattening where I find myself residing.

So the point... (I am getting there)... I made the resolution to get in shape. Not to loose weight or get skinny, but to get healthy. I do want a BIG wedding, where I am highlighted as a stunning bride in a form fitting dress. I do want KIDS and a figure when I am done giving birth. So it all started Jan 1, 2010.

I stopped blaming the world around me, despite what above says... and realized I need to make a change, a commitment beyond starving myself or killing myself at the gym.

I am not going to reveal my weight... its all to scary. I will update my loss in inches AND pounds.

My progress so far from January 1 is... 9inches and 6pounds.

BUT the point of this BLOG isn't to brag, its to discuss HOW I am doing this.

I have a history of failed work-out attempts... this time I decided to take everything I loved from years of failing and put it in to one rock solid plan....

I will RUN my ass off!

I will RUN in a marathon.

I will RUN for Breast Cancer Awareness. I did this last year. I trained all summer (lost NO weight or inches... even I can admit it was HALF ass-ed training, but it was something). I ran the 5k in 35minutes.

OK... so that is my goal, beyond getting in shape. I want to be healthy... mind, body and soul.

You're now wishing I would STOP rambling and get to the point.

My workout... I have a few motivational partners through this endeavour.

MY IPHONE is my biggest partner... I use APPS for everything. I use 'Loseit' for calorie intake, I use NIKE+ to track my running, I use NIKE training for core stretches and exercise AND I log it all on my NOTEPAD.

I have committed to an intermediate RUNNING schedule with a FEW additions...

Mondays - I run (pre-determined times, all increasing weekly) and do NIKE strength training (push-ups, sit-ups, weights etc.)
Tuesday - I spin (50mins) and I kickbox (60mins)
Wednesday - I am suppose to run (same pre-determines time as Monday), but some weeks I use this as my REST day, because on the soul cleansing front I volunteer with girl guides (trust me its a work-out)
Thursday - I spin (50mins) and I kickbox (60mins)
Friday - I run and do NIKE strength training (similar to Monday)
Saturday - REST
Sunday - If I am lucky. I run OUTSIDE, for a certain distance.

So... there it is.

I will write as much as I can... I will discuss work-outs, likes and dislikes, foods, recipes, cheats and progress. Come with me... it should be an interesting year. We'll see if STRESS really does contribute to weight gain.


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