Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First day of WEEK TWO...

Run: 4.92km (32min)
Run/walk: 1.01km (6min)
Weights: 25min
Calories: 1015 burned

Today (Monday) was a good day. I was crazy busy at work and watched the time fly by. All this lead to a craving to hit the gym to enjoy the simplicity of running. It’s hard to think and run. You can feel the music pounding through your ears. Even a simple countdown takes full concentration (I count down at the 5minute mark… starting at 300… 299…298…). I started week 2 of my intermediate running schedule (I will try and post the schedule, but I am new to this).

I felt my stride and it felt good.

Monday’s always run (pun intended) smoothly. I have spent 2 days resting and rebuilding muscles. At least that is what I tell myself on the lazy Sunday. This past weekend was more intense and involved a move, with lots of lifting and stairs. Always good to sneak in a workout, that’s not a REAL workout.

We’ll see if it was worth it on Friday… Measurements and Weigh in.

Today’s topic… unassuming injuries. You can expect to suffer some injuries, if you don’t train right. You can even expect them if you DO train right. A rolled ankle, a pulled hamstring, but what about the little injuries no one discusses? The injuries other runners will agree upon, if only you bring it up first.

Today’s injury; rub marks on the soft skin under your chest. Cause… a BAD bra! 40 minutes of running with the natural bounce leaves red welts all over my torso. Today was so bad I cried while showering… the warm water ran over the fresh wound and YE-OW! Any female runner with a chest knows what I am talking about! Now, I am still new and still trying to work out a resolution. If anyone has one… please share. Although the obvious solution… BOOB JOB, kidding. I need a better bra. I am going to test them out this month. Today’s secondary injury (and still bra related)… little cuts on my collar bone for a stiff strap digging in during a long run.

Those are the injuries I am trying to over come… I am afraid of the day I sustain a REAL running injury. Wait for that Blog… it will probably house a lot of inappropriate words.

I also did a NIKE TRAINING… (the link to join http://www.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikewomen/en_US/training_club I highly recomend this site.) Monday’s CORE exercise of the day; the LOG CHOP and TWIST. If I could figure out how to post a video it would be HERE, until then… a verbal description… Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and a slight bend in your knee with a medicine ball in your hands. Swing the ball over your head and than through your legs, squatting to get a deep stretch. Using the momentum from the ball do that twice, on the third swing twist to one side, letting the medicine ball end up just to the outside of your knee. Bring the ball back up and on your way back down, twist to the other side. Keep that up for 2minutes… it won’t burn at first, but it will.

That’s it for Monday… Time to sleep for Tuesday… the dreaded day of the double work-out. DUN DUN DUN.


PS- I can't figure out how to add my workout... BUT this is the basic shell of it... I supplemented the 'workout' days with my current routine (kickboxing, spinning, Nike weigh training)http://www.womenshealthmag.com/files/pdfs/running-intermediate.pdf.

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