Thursday, February 25, 2010

What a disappointment...

...finally Thursday SPIN wasn't cancelled, but we had a rookie trainer who tried and FAILED to give us a GOOD workout.

SPIN: 45min
Calorie: 714

This class was intense, but I love a quick class with lots of intervals and sprints. Throw in some unique activities (like squats while riding - woah!) and I am SET! This class was ALL about hill climbs long boring HILL CLIMBS.

I also think this BLOG may be an EPIC FAIL. Does anyone even read this? I google search the title and NOTHING came up... it was a little disheartening. I was hoping someone would read this... oh well. Now it is a diary of my work-outs.

I also decided I want to open my own business... and since no one is reading this I can devulge the inner workings.

My hometown has NO facilities... well, they have several gyms, but they are lacking.

I want to open a circuit gym... 4 giant rooms. One for kick-boxing with water based bags an amazing stero and carpetted floor. One for HOT YOGA (and COLD YOGA). One for SPINNING. One for Gym Equipment. So you sign up for a FULL WORKOUT... something like a weekly schedule... one of each areas a week... maybe even start a running club within the walls of MY gym. Offer personal training and Have a nutritionist ON STAFF... with BIG change rooms and lots of showers.

You could have a monthly pass or pay for individual sessions... I think the start of cost would be HUGE, but than its just maintaining... I think it could be good, but I should probably be certified in SOMETHING before I get this off the ground... and it is probably already being planned...

Hmmm... I think I will do a little research. See what I can put together.


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  1. Sounds AWESOME Mel!! And I'm reading!!! :)