Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Damn... drafts DON'T save!

Hot Yoga: 60min
Calories: 1091

Run: 10min (1.53km)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 25min (5.17km)
Calories: 751

I typed this out yesterday. I saved as a draft... now I don't know where to find it. It was a great story of mty struggle through Hot Yoga... my triumphant win (finishing the class). It was poetic AND its gone.

I decided to treat myself on Sunday with a little HOT YOGA (it's only 5minutes from where I am living for now). I went to Kula in Oakville (mykula.ca). I attended a Power Flow class and it was fantastic. I always feel so refreshed... I guess I should, I sweat my entire body weight and re-fuel. I normally do a 90-minute class and DIE half way through. This time I completed the FULL 60.

PS - I found my draft, but I can't CUT and PASTE so you'll never read it... sorry.

Monday started out GREAT. (this is a two for one BLOG). I am house sitting this week and my commute shrunk dramatically (90min to 25min). I got to work and had a PILE of work on my desk, which sounds daunting, but it fantastic, because TIME FLIES. I got everything done and went to the gym for my RUN. It was went well... I was doing sprints, run for 3minutes, sprint for 1minute, walk for 1minute... it felt good. I am getting the hang of this.

Than the SNOW hit and I battled traffic for 2 and half HOURS to get home.

On top of that I feel gross lately... I am eating the same (maybe a few extra snacks BARELY) and I am working out hard. I sleep a lot and better than before, yet I feel like I am gaining... granted I can't weigh in where I am living, but I can just feel it. ARGH! It makes me want to scream I was doing SO good. I felt good... I looked better (even Richard noticed) and then for NO reason I started to slip off the wagon. I can't figure it out. I don't understand at all. I am so frustrated, this is where I would normally give up, but I think if I just ride through this 'chubby' week I will come out on the other side feeling better... cross your fingers...

I also NEED to do this... We're talking about moving away... far away and I don't want to start a new life looking and feeling like this. I want to start a new life feeling fabulous. ARGH!

Spin calls is starting ANY minute so I have to go...


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