Friday, February 5, 2010

Day ONE - Feb 5, 2010

Workout - RUN (30+5... 4.06km)
Calories - 456

I am excited to write an entry. The start of anything new is exciting, but it made my run go by quick, because I had something to think about. I thought about TOPICS (yay). Things to write in my blog... it is so dorky I nearly tripped on my pants day dreaming about the millions of fans this is going to attract.

Today I thought I would introduce my gear... its a love hate relationship. Consider this the 'Melanie's favorite things' blog... with a dash of cynicism.

** Before I go any further... please excuse spelling and word slips... I try to catch every mistake, but I think faster than I type. It's an excitement thing.

I will start with my FAVOURITE things...

My Lululemon Pants - I just (actually for Christmas) got a pair of 'Luon' pants. I always aspired to own something Lulu. Richard helped with that last Spring with a sweater (see, he is fantastic). That rumor (the aspiring, not the Richards fantastic) floated around my inner circle and I ALWAYS get something Lulu on the holidays. Anyways, back to the pants. They are full length with a drawstring in the hem. That way I can hike them up to 3/4's if I am riding the bike or running. The idea is GREAT, but it doesn't always work. They droop the faster I run or peddle. Which can be a problem, but the way the they make my ass look... I'll forgive that flaw.

My Nike+ Sensor - I always got this for Christmas. It is fantastic. If you aren't familiar. Its a little sensor about the size of a twoonie that you tuck in your shoe. Through pure magic it talks to your iphone... its delivers secret messages or pace, distance and calories burned. It also speaks to you through the headphones... time remaining and distance. It's like having a little coach in your head yelling, 'you can do it!'

My Iphone - Which probably should have come even before the Lulu pants (they are just newer). This phone is incredible. I use APPS to regulate my diet (Loseit!), find smoothie recipes and dinner recipes. I track my runs and other workouts with graphs and charts. So even when the scale won't budge you can see the results on this wonder of a phone.

My Bra - Not a favorite, but if any other female runners read this; you know how important a GOOD bra is. You need the support or the girls are flying all over the place. This I know from experience. I have suffered many wounds with these 'C' cups. I am still searching for the perfect over shoulder boulder holder, but for now I have a La Senza sport bra that seems to do the trick and lucky for me it was on-sale for 19.99.

My Shoes - The oldest of the bunch. I have a fearless pair of Nike running shoes. They spent last summer with me. Across (through) the mud, rain, grass and pavement and they LOOK fantastic. They look used and I consider it a trophy. I debated buying $120 shoes... was I really going to stick to running? But the shoes worked magic. When ever I felt like laying in bed I thought about the money I wasted (or would have otherwise wasted) on these shoes.

My Headphones - These NEED to be at the bottom. I hate my headphones, but I haven't found the time or motivation to get new ones. They are the standard ipod headphones. They are hard and uncomfortable. They don't stay in my ears and with a GOOD sweat that clog up and fall out.

So, that's it. That is all you get today. If I could type AND run these blogs would be longer and probably more entertaining, but the blood stops flowing and the ideas melt away before I can get to the computer.

What I can say is I love to RUN! It is relaxing. If you haven't tried it... you should. It clears your mind and puts things in perspective.

Enjoy the weekend!


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