Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two for One day... Wednesday first!

Run: 32min (3.96km)
Sprint/Walk: 6min (.53km)
Tai Chi: 30min
Calories: 745

Yup, Tai Chi. A fan dance actually complete with warm up (the hugging tree) and cool down (pushing mountains). I am always fascinated by keep-fit methods. Although I don’t think I could do Tai Chi seriously it did focus a lot on relaxation and proper breathing; which I enjoy. A good deep breath can rectify any situation. Granted my introduction was with a class of 5 hyper little girls. (I am a brownie Leader and this was a step towards our ‘active living’ badge).

My run went well, despite the upsetting distances. I think my sensor was off, because I did the same run Monday in fact, I ran MORE yesterday and didn’t go near as far. I find it hard to run without something to run from.

I need drama in my life for the need to escape, when all is well I have nothing to focus on. It made my run long and boring… yet, another reason I can’t wait till spring to get back outdoors.

Although this weekend I intend (no matter the temp) to run outside. I have to... to keep to this schedule I can’t slack off for 4 days (family day long weekend). I am also sure at some point over the weekend I will indulge in mass amounts of chocolate... it is after all Valentine's Day.

AND I am happy to report… weekly weigh in, I am down another pound; bringing my total loss in 6 weeks to 7pounds. I wish it was happening faster, but I am thrilled to see results. It makes it ALL worth it. In fact, I am on my way to SPIN class right now.

More to come!


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