Thursday, February 18, 2010

Try something new!

Run: 36min (5.27km)
Run/walk: 8min (1.01km)
Calories: 676

Wednesday is a busy day in my life… getting over the hump has never been harder! I wake up late EVERY WEDNESDAY! I rush to work to make it on time. I run around all day waiting for the ideal time to slip away and go for a run. It is usually NEVER a good time, but I go anyways. I run more than any other day. My injuries (bra related) grow and when I am done I walk my sweaty ass back to my desk and sit there until it is time to run to brownies. I am ALWAYS late and they always start without me, which is fine BUT last night we had guests. I was LATE for Hula night; another GREAT alternative to working out. It’s not counting above, because I ran the CD player. My arms did the dancing… my hips to little to no swaying.

My run was LONG and tiring, but I felt good throughout. My muscle kept up with the pace I set… higher than normal.

I just want to SEE more results. I want people who haven’t seen me in weeks, months, years to comment on how GREAT I look. They don’t right now, but its only 9pounds – 9pounds and no more inches (no more beyond the 9from 2 weeks ago).

Today I invested in supplements – yup! I need the help and I am not ashamed to get it! Although I always find it incredible intimidating to walk into a health food store. I feel like it is a club I am not apart of EVEN though I have a GOLD member card. I feel like my outward appearance doesn’t reflect ALL my hard work at the gym. I feel like a slob looking for an easy way out. NOT the case, at least not this time.

I re-stocked my supply of ‘Be Hot’ because I DO believe it helps. I don’t plan to take it as a daily supplement, but I will use it before BIG workouts. I also thought I would try ‘Be Buff’ a protein supplement. I do a lot of HEAVY muscle work and I think my muscle deserve a treat. I will let you know how all that pans out.

I also had an interesting morning. I met with a Neurologist. Since the blood clots in ’08 I haven’t been myself. I gained the 60pounds… I can’t remember and I can’t focus. Basically my hormones are in uproar. The latest transition is ‘black outs’ I call them that, when in fact I don’t black out at all. I get dizzy and things get fuzzy basically I become COMPLETELY useless for 30seconds. So I went to the specialist as recommended by my doctor. Turns out I am NOT anxious OR depressed (good to know) I am a migraine sufferer and the little spells are the beginning of a migraine. He isn’t sure how they don’t ALL turn in to migraines, I think its my unwillingness to except I need to take a sick day. I power through and still go to the gym and do everything as I always would.

That’s just me.

So there you have it… new pills are being introduced. Wish me LUCK! The only side effect is increased appetite (great!). Do the powers that be want me FAT?!


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