Thursday, March 3, 2016

New gym

We're back at Goodlife. Finally.

But today Zac and I challenged a new gym in Grimsby... Only 7km away, versus our current gym (burlington), over 20km.

Burlington is a premium gym; hot yoga, massage chairs, TRX, premium equipment and constant upgrades... The best instructors, trainers and routines. It's huge. I love it. 

Grimsby is a basic gym, simpler and smaller, slower and more friendly. I felt more comfortable leaving Zac with the sweet older lady in a smaller room, than the decked out, premium room with dozens of kids running around. 

The class was good, the instructor was friendly and motivating. It was a power packed 30 minutes, which helped with my anxiety of leaving Zac alone in a new environment. 

I feel good. 

I hit my 3 times this week! Yay! I'm optimistic about one more class on Saturday. Hopefully for a hot yoga, to stretch out this old body. 

I'm going to weigh and measure tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!

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