Sunday, February 28, 2016

And so it begins...

It's like a breath of fresh air... sweet sweaty air. Today I went back to the gym after taking 6 months off to be pregnant and stuff. 

I missed it. The excertion, the struggle, the sweat! I freaking love the gym. I feel most like me at the gym. 

I hid in the back of the class, not really sure if I could step for 45 minutes at full capacity. Boy, did I! The instructor (always my fav) even gave me a shout out half way through for killing it. That's motivating... Everyone looked as she yelled 'I don't mean to call anyone out, back in the back row is a new Mama and she is killing it! Just try to keep up'. 

Even exhausted I tried harder knowing she noticed.

Now I am back home with my boys. We're snuggling.

What a grateful moment. 


Ps. Zac has his own membership do on Tueaday we're going to class together

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