Friday, September 24, 2010


Run: 35minutes
Calories: 520

I ran last night. I am SO glad I did. I said I would, but I never actually do. Let's be honest here... my intentions are ALWAYS good, but what pushed me over the edge was the 2 and half hour drive home because some stupid woman stopped in the FAST lane, got out of the car and proceeded to stand in the middle of the HIGHWAY on her phone... during rush hour. I spent 45mintes NOT moving. To put it in perspective it took me 65minutes to get to work today. It's about 75kms.

Why did that help me run? I was SO hungry and mad when I got home I dove into the death by chocolate. Yes, I eat for stress and I know its detrimental to my goal, but I was MAD and chocolate was the answer.

Death by chocolate is a wonderful dessert made by Richard's Mom. It is Chocolate Pudding (fat free) with brownies, skor bits and whipped cream. It is FANTASTIC and one of my favorite treats.

I figured out the calories and I could ALMOST afford it. So I ran. I ran hard and I ran my fastest 5km ever. It felt good and I am glad I got out there. I came home relieved from the stress of driving and the guilt of Chocolate.

*** I also have to add a hint of goo... Richard hard about my tough day and surprised me with flowers and lunch full of my favorite (and health) snacks for today.

ALL that being said its Friday which means WEIGH IN.

I did it! I hit the TEN. I have TEN pounds left on my journey... WOOT! I thought I would NEVER get here. I also measured inches and lost another 2 and .3% body fat. It was a good weigh in. I feel good about today. I feel good about my progress. I want to drop 4 more before the cruise which is in TWO weeks.

I am hitting lunch time BOOT CAMP today... yay!


Cruise: 14days

Pounds to loose: 10(-14) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.9% - Inches Lost: 6

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