Monday, May 17, 2010


Run: 13minutes
ABS: 15minutes
Run/Sprint/Walk: 15minutes (4.08km total)
Calories: 735

I am back from the weekend and BOY do I have NEWS! The white pants... the imfamous white pants I have spoke about a dozen times on here... well, this weekend I courted them. I wanted to get in them and I new it was going to take some serious sweet talking! I must have said all the right things, because I slipped into them with NO problem. Yes... the very same White pants that have been giving me the cold shoulder for TWO summers let me in! Yay!

Overall goal #1.... CHECK! (that is NOT me in the pic)

This past weekend I celebrated my dear janey's 65th birthday! Don't bat your eyes and say 'awe...' Janey could run circles around EVEN me. I can only hope I have half as fit as she is when I hit the 65 mark. She had the whole weekend catered... the pool was open, the fire was blazing, the hot tub was bubbling and the music was booming. Ok, so it wasn't ALL for Janey... her son, and one of Richards best friends, is home for a month and this was also his welcome home shindig. It was a good time, but BOY, did I eat!!

Sunday we spent the entire day on the bikes... I end to get my ass in gear, literally. I need my but to be ready for 12hour riding days because in 3 weeks we're off to the East Coast... on the bikes. Its about 3500km round trip. We spent just over 6hours yesterday and parts of me were numb... parts I didn't know could go numb... yay! It was a great ride though... I am finally getting comfortable on the bigger bike (upgraded from 250 to 650). I got it up to 160 (safeyl of course), but had to pull back because it was WINDY! On that note... this will become more of a travel blog for that week and less of a fitness blog. Just a heads up!

Umm... I also tried some new foods this weekend. First... Activia. I am left wondering 'what are probiotics, anyways?' and 'do I need them?'. It doesn't have the same smooth taste as Smooth n' fruity (my yogurt of choice), but it works. I started noticing difference in my body when I started dieting and made needed a nudge in the right direction. The commercial says it works... and boy does it! So... 5 stars for function and maybe 3 for taste.

I also just had a new lunch... 'Healthy Choice; steamers'. Not so good. 330 calories... 60 from fat. I thought this is a neat contraption and it has all the elements to be good, but no it wasn't. I tried the sesame chicken. It had 2 small pieces of chicken and a large helping of mushrooms (one of my veggie related nemisis'). So I won't recommend, but will say 'try it' so I guess I am kind of recommending... a little. I don't know. I am still hungry.

That also brings me to another point, while my Mushroom Chicken steamer was mircowaving I got to chatting with Anne. She is very important at my office and VERY smart... she runs the news room. So we started chatting about lunches. She always makes a full lunch and it always smells fantastic. Anyways... (get to the point, Melanie). She mentioned a diet fact (she is very trim). Your body can only digest 400 calories at a time. Anything after that is stored for later consumption... ie. turn into FAT! This is a very helpful tip... although I am yet to find anything 'real' to back it up. I did find a new diet (featured on Rachel Ray) titled The 400 Calorie Fix, aparently its the new FAD diet, but it may bring some truth to Anne's ramblings (its not offensive, she doesn't read this... :)

And finally my work-out today... it was good. Nothing special happen... nothing amazing to report.

Until tomorrow...


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