Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today (I am running out of witty title ideas)

Spinning: 50minutes (of the hardest SPIN ever!)
Calories: 851

It was Leslie-Ann and I wouldn't miss it, but GOOD GOD DAMN it was ridiculous! I couldn't keep up… and I can keep up! She killed it and parts of me died (I am working on the resurection). I love her class. She is SO engaging, even when your body quits you BEG it to continue, because you just don't want to let her down.

My toe did alright… I was kidding when I first said I broke it, but I think I really did. It doesn't bend right anymore and it hurts.

Not sure what is the plan for today… No running or Spinning… I think I am going to tackle the dreaded stairmaster. If I can pull myself away from the entertaining world of work that is piling up on my desk.

Oo… and snack idea. I made Rice Crispy squares last night and YUM! I forgot how easy and FUN they are. Although I made a slight revision… instead of butter I use peanut butter. Yea… try it!

I also CAN'T weigh in the week. I want too... I want to know if I am at my April goal... its a pretty exciting goal... but I can't get to the scale AND there is no point with the water retention that is happening this week... here would be a picture of a bloated sad girl... if I could upload!

Ok… back to work.


PS - POLL RESULTS: 50% of readers (or both of you LOL) would be lost with your jogging pants - Nobody was concerned with their shoes (or high heels) - 25% of readers needed their precious Lululemon sweater (I would be in the club if I voted) - 25% of readers would embrace island life and wear a HULA skirt... the BRAVE few!

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