Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yoga nearly KILLED ME!

Spin: 50minutes
Hot Yoga: 75minutes
Calories (ish): 2085

Ok.. First something has to go. I can't EVER do that to my body again. I crawled out of Yoga… and I mean literally, my legs wouldn't function because I had drained them of all things holy. I actually had to stop YOGA and sit out, because I was basically having a panic attack. I felt sick and couldn't breath. My arms and legs went numb and my muscles contracted without my help. Brian is SO fabulous he worked with me to fix it. Even taught me a new way to breath (by curling my tongue). It slows the breathing and puts your body at ease allowing for a faster recovery… or in my case ANY recovery.

I had drained my body of ALL fuel. I even snacked an hour before class to make sure I wouldn't crash. I was well hydrated and ready to go. I had no stiffness or tiredness in my legs. Granted the room was hotter than normal and I was bound and determined to continue. I probably should have stopped soon, but I hate that I can't get through a class!

Now… who do I love more… Leslie-Ann or Brian. Who do I cut??? Both only teach one day… Well Leslie-Ann sometimes teaches Fridays, but than I have to give up Boot Camp my new found love.

I am SO confused… was a corrupt love triangle.

… but to go completely out of order. Spinning was AWESOME (Yoga was too minus the panic). Leslie-Ann knows when she has a strong class and she ups her game to compensate. Yesterday I struggled to keep up… it was intense and amazing.

No gym today… I have the Employee of the Month Lunch with the President of the company… and I didn't dress up! What was I thinking?! Oh, right I wasn't. Someone didn't make it home last night and I was worried. (he's ok… just had a lapse in memory).

I also measured and weighed in… weigh in doesn't count (its all water from Yoga). But I am down 20inches overall. WOO! It amazing me to put my belt on the old holes (the ones I wore for more than a year)… it just seems SO ridiculous!

Ok… it’s another busy day!


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  1. Good luck with your lunch! What if you do hot yoga one week, and spinning the next?