Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10 - Jillian!!

Sunday was a crazy blessed day! Little Thomas was introduced to the congregation and baptized. We celebrated with a small party of 8. Thomas did great! He blew raspberries during prayer, laughed as water was splashed on his forehead and smiled at everyone. Things fell apart at picture time, but it also happen to be naptime.

After all of the chaos ended and we returned home, Thomas napped while I started on food prep for the week. I made quinoa (for my quinoa crunch and Greek yogurt breakfasts) and apple pecan oatmeal (to alternate breakfast) and I realized I don't understand quinoa. It is all over my kitchen, thanks to the rinsing... which I believe was unsuccessful, but I wouldn't know because I don't know (pearls of wisdom RIGHT there) I've never prepared it before (I'm trying tonight at dinner).

I also chopped up celery, pineapple, peppers, cucumbers and apples for quick snacks.

I'm ready for this week... This morning I munched on a oatmeal creation... Small portion and bland, but packed full of nutrition and when Thomas went down for a nap I turned to Jillian.

First my phase one, disc one... 30 minutes of high interval training, which I LOVED! We worked in a circuit, no exercise to long, no opportunity to get bored. She even called me on my shit... I was doing a tricep curl (over my head) and I dropped to one weight (I only have 7lbs weights and it's lot for that muscle group) as soon as I did, she was like 'pick up that weight! I know one weight is easier, but we use too to even train. Pick it up!' How the hell did she know?!?! Or am I that predictable???

I worked up a great sweat! 

Then with my heart racing I started the cardio disc 1. We bounced all over the place, it was motivating and entertaining. Easy enough exercises to understand, but still challenging.

I really worked up a great sweat!

I'm sore now, but the good kind of sore! I can do this!

89 days to go!!

And I've decided after 17lbs lost I am going to go spend a few hours at the salon.

Something to work towards.

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