Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 14, 15, 16

It's family day weekend and valentines day! It means big meals, chocolate and family time... Argh.

Friday I weighed in and found success, which is helping to keep me focused, but Saturday I didn't want to do anything, but that's jumping ahead.

Friday I kept to my calories, even with a dinner out (Jack Astors - Smiling Buddha Salad, I highly recommend). I did the double work out and enjoyed a movie withy hubby. I did splurge for some frozen yogurt.

Saturday Richard headed to Acton and left me alone with the boy, who decided not to sleep which left me tired and inevitably hungry, my go to for tired. I I made excuses to miss my workout; until my good friend Michelle, and fellow fitnesser, reported her success and I was so proud, motivated and envious of her I popped on the cardio DVD and off I went.

We tried something new for dinner... Peach and quinoa fajitas, huge hit! Yum!

And now today - Sunday, I am enjoying rest day with the family. We're just eating lunch before heading out for a walk.

I feel good and rested after a morning nap.


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