Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 3 - run!

Day three went well, Thomas slept in and we hit the gym around 11.

I ran, week 5/day 2 and it included a 8minute block, which I did. Whewf! 

It feels good, but I always get bored running inside. I need new music... I have one song that keeps me going (it's a Kanye West song #obviouslyoffensive).

Any ideas?

Still no DVDs... I'm running out of momentum JILLIAN!

We're resting on Day Four, not really cause I have a 6 month old and shit to do!

Which will include a nap, because I  currently camped out on the nursery floor, while my sick husband 'Captain Snores SO LOUD' snores so loud, poor guy (the floor isn't so bad).

This is my badass biker baby who has threatened to rough me up if I don't stick to it!

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