Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13 - blah

I already feel myself making excuses to skip today... The excitement has waned (damn) and I just want to have a chocolate bar and a nap. Thomas was up most of the night, my house is a mess and my mother in law is getting at me.

I really don't want to work out today, but I  going too... Only because Richard will ask and then lecture me if I don't. He's trying to help... But I hate when he gets all judgy, things come so easy to him... Hmpf! 

Ok.. More to follow.

The day is over, I am just putting Thomas to bed. I feel good. I'm stressed about money (who isn't), but I made it through... Under 2000 calories with two more workouts in my journal.

These days are the worst, but I did feel better post workout. I felt sweaty, but good.

I'm going to weigh and measure in the am... Wish me luck!

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