Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 27 - busy week

I should have been writing, because a lot has happen in the past two weeks, but my little napper isn't so 'nappy' anymore, and my little eater isn't so 'eaty' anymore... Both times I used for writing. 

We're on day 27, tomorrow is my weigh in and I have worked all week for this number. 2 workouts on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday. I've counted every calorie and avoided snacking.

I want to drop 5lbs, because I did nothing last week except gain 1.5inches (what?)

I am on week 3 and seeing what new torture methods Jill has cooked up with each new workout is really motivating. I want to skip ahead and just watch the last DVD, but the surprise is what keeps me going.

I'm shopping today and attempting a few more recipes from the menu plan this week; almond crusted chicken with red cabbage slaw and frozen banana pops, soft cheese spread on toast and oat choco muffins.

Wish me luck... Tomorrow I will post my results, good or bad.

Workout #3 is calling my name!


Ps. Thanks to Richard for letting get a full nights sleep last night... First time in months!

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