Friday, October 29, 2010


BOOT CAMP Circuit: 45minutes
ABS: 10minutes
Calories: 500+

Again today I didn't feel like going to the gym. I have a LONG weekend (not because of actual length, but because of busy-i-ness) a head of me and frankly working out is an inconvenience. Lucky for me… its now routine and I feel weird sitting at my desk from noon to 1. So I grabbed my bag, full of fresh gym clothes and headed downstairs. I have NO plan. I get down there and stand in line… I don't know what for, but it’s a long line of fit people so I stand. When I finally get to the head of the line it’s a sign-up sheet for BOOT CAMP with BAMBI! AH!

I am NOT ready for this, but with a pizza lunch. I had NO choice.

I walked into the empty 'class room' it was cold and dark. The lights weren't on. I got a chill up and down my spine. The goose bumps on arm had goose bumps. Side note: The FINISH word for 'Goose Bumps" directly translates to 'Chicken Skin'… or at least that's what Uncle Manfred for me… He's from Finland). Slowly wary gym goers trickle in, all with a look of panic. They knew what was a head and they looked panicked. I knew I was in over my head. I knew I was in for a work out.

Finally someone speaks…

"I am not ready for this" Said the little hairy man (who would later bump me out of my spot, but literally standing in my spot).

"I haven't been in two weeks and I am still sore" Said a slim woman in full Lulu gear.

Aimlessly we wandered around the room. Trying to keep warm, to prepare ourselves for what was to come.

Suddenly the lights flick on and there is BAMBI.

ha Ha HA!

She smiles so wide and looks so innocent, but quickly gets to work setting up the circuit of death.

Station #1 - Non-stop push-ups
Station #2 - Plank
Station #3 - High Knees
Station #4 - Backward lunges
Station #5 - Step Ups and squats
Station #6 - Backwards row
Station #7 - Hopscotch (Hopping from corner to corner)
Station #8 - Wall Squats (Sitting on an invisible chair with 10lbs in each hand… above your head)
Station #9 - Sprints
Station #10 - Lateral raises
Station #11 - Jumping Jacks
Station #12 - Balance on the Exercise Ball (on your knees)
Station #13 - Jump Ups (Jump on the step, squat and jump off)
Station #14 - Bicep Curl with Forward Lunges
Station #15 - Fast Feet
And finally…
Station #16 - Burpies

All seems feasible, but you rotate every 60 seconds. By station three my muscles are shaking. Beads of sweat trickle down my back and she smiles and she screams 'HARDER'. Each time the whistle blows you breath a small sigh of relief before the next punishment. She is ALWAYS watching. Every pause for a breath she sees and demands more. Every hesitation she catches and pushes you further. It's all a game and she's making the rules.

Terrible words fall my lips as I try to keep pace. Sweat stings my eyes. I push on.

Finally it ends. I collapse in a pile on the floor. I am sweating, shaking and moaning. I am tired. I am exhausted. I am fulfilled. I love her class. I love it so much even with nothing left I stay for ABS.

Now I sit at my desk, full of pizza wondering if it was all worth it.

Happy Halloween everybody!


*** I weighed in, but with the time of the month I am not logging it. I didn't gain. As for push-ups. I did 42 last night.

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