Monday, November 1, 2010

Stupid Candy!

I am falling apart and I feel myself sliding.

First... I haven't weighed in. It's too much. Halloween and my monthly BLOAT fest. It's not worth the heart ache.

Second... I can't stop eating. I love food. Good food, bad food, any food. If you put it near me I will explode before I stop eating. I know this, yet it still happens.

Third... I had a good week at the gym last and I still feel FAT and LAZY. Hopefully I get my test results back today and I can get back on track.

I have done this before... got comfortable in my NEW skin and stopped pushing. I love my body... I don't love how it looks, but I often forget and think 'Hey, I have lost 35 pounds I should be proud of myself'... what I need to think is 'I still have 15 pounds to go'. I hit this plateau when the weight loss slows and I feel ok with myself. I start to slide... I give in to cravings and stop exercising.

I need to push past this and get back on track. I need to loose weight. I need to be fit. I can't be this heavy anymore. I know this, but with my medical history I feel tied to this weight. It's not my fault... blah! I know it is... hmpf.

I am going for a run today. It won't undo all I've done, but hopefully it clears my head.


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