Monday, November 15, 2010

7 weeks LEFT!

Elliptical: 10minutes
Running: 35minutes

Day One of Week Three for push-ups. I failed at my exhaustion test and they through me back into week One. Fine, by me... I went from doing 60 push-ups (5 reps) to doing 45 push-ups (5 reps. As long as I stick with it I don't care how long it takes me.

I had a good weekend. I was really proud of myself. I logged everything and even without exercise I didn't go over my daily calorie allowance. I even planned out my meals. I was really on top of things.

I was rewarded with VERY little gain over the weekend. I hope I am still on track for my goal. I have 16 pounds to loose by New Years... 7 weeks away! Ah!

I started today on the elliptical, not by choice. I started late and all the treadmills were taken. I spent 10 minutes going backwards (different muscle groups) before a treadmill freed up. Then I ran... go me! I ran my first mile in under 12 minutes, my second mile too! It felt good. I feel good.

Let's hope things stay this positive for the week.

I have 5 available lunch hours for the gym. Speaking of the gym... there is another reward level. It's the 'Elite'. I want to be the 'Elite'. In order to do so I have to go to the gym 16 times or more a month. Sounds easy... but in a month with 4 weeks, like November. I have to go 4 times a week. The first two weeks I missed two days a week because of meetings. That means for the last two weeks (this week and next) I have to go 5 times to accomplish this. Ah!

I am good this week... let's hope it stays that way.

Sorry no cartoon... its holiday season and its busy!

Pounds to loose: 16(-4) - Body Fat: -0% - Inches Lost: -3.5 - Push Ups: 45

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