Friday, November 19, 2010


Muscle Up: 35minutes
Step Up: 45minutes

Ok... so I have been notably absent. I'm sorry.

Above is the work-outs. I have still been going to the gym despite my clear exhaustion!

Now I think I have good reason, this week Richard and I have made every attempt to see everyone important to us because...


Yup! It happened on Tuesday night... its been a blur of celebrating. We finally told the best man last night, so its safe to share it here. It was important to us that EVERYONE found out directly from us.

Yay! I am more excited than I am exhausted... ha! And on the fitness front... I have kept up my gym visits and calorie count.

Now... shower me with congrats... hehe


Pounds to loose: 14(-6) - Body Fat: -0% - Inches Lost: -3.5 - Push Ups: 0

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