Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wow... Day TWO and I already fell off the wagon.

Hey All!
So I fell off the wagon. I promised to write everyday and log my food. I promised to be accountable and I failed. Oops.

Yesterday was pretty hectic AND I didn't make it to the gym. The push-ups are from Monday night.

I will do better.

I also won't be going to the gym today, but I am staying under my calories and doing well.

Today's MENU

Breakfast - Slimfast Shake
Snack - Celery and Peanut Butter, Large Green Tea - black.
Lunch - 7 grain bun with Chicken, cheese and mustard with grapes.
Snack - 6 crackers, 1 large apple, reese Peanut Butter Cup.
Dinner - Slimfast Shake
Total Calories: 1320

Exercise - 0
Pounds to loose: 16(-0) - Body Fat: -0% - Inches Lost: 0 - Push Ups: 60

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