Monday, November 22, 2010

MONDAY - 6 weeks to go!

Running: 35minutes

What a whirl wind week. I am glad to be back on schedule and happy to report I stayed on track with my weight loss and still have a chance (although slim, no pun intended, one) of making my new years resolution. I feel more determined now, because I have a dress to squeeze into… not literally. I didn't run out and buy a dress 4 days after getting engaged, but the shear idea of standing in front of my friends and family is motivation enough to work harder, longer and more wisely.

I also celebrated a VERY special birthday with one of my favorite girlfriends… we welcomed her to 27 and met her new beau over dinner. I had an amazing spinach salad, with pomegranate vinaigrette, champagne strawberries and goat cheese. It was very yummy and left enough room for celebratory dessert… Mmm… sticky toffee pudding! I know it’s a NO NO, but I never have it and it is BY FAR my fav dessert. I ordered the bite sized version and enjoyed EVERY bite!

I am back at the gym today and most of the week. I have a luncheon tomorrow and family stuff on Friday, but I get there as often as I can. Actually this Friday (with Richard) I am making the 3 hour drive to my Mums. She already knows, but I haven't shared anything with my brother or his kids yet. They are going to go CRAZY! Solstice is only 9, but LOVES weddings! I opted not to tell them on the phone and make them wait to be able to see their faces. My little nephew is 3 and going to be my ring bearer. We're going to spend the night and enjoy sometime with MY family. Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with his family. They are loving and wonderful, thoughtful and considerate, but there are SO MANY of them. I also want to make sure my single mother feels as apart of everything as everyone else. She was incredibly difficult on her growing up… don't look surprised. I want her to enjoy this day and this process with me and my groom to be.

Ok… going off on a wedding rant there. Sorry. I have 292 days to drop 30 pounds. Saying it like that seems VERY obtainable.

Wish me luck.

To bring it back to fitness… Running went well today. I could only spare 45minutes (including changing and travel time), but I used it wisely and ran intervals for 35 minutes. It felt good. I love Monday runs. I have had 2 days off and my body is ready to go. I feel refreshed and on track.

Oh yea, I don't have measurements from Friday. Richard caught me doing them and tried to help… it didn't go well, at least not for my measuring. It was fun otherwise… lol

PS - Below is a picture… just in case you're curious. Please excuse my messy look, I was frazzled.

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