Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Post FINAL Naturopath

It was an interesting meeting and because we are all friends here, I intend on sharing the highlight of yesterday, but that comes later.


Yes that is GSP holding my countdown.
And then the meeting... I first met with Nancy. I still don't know her title, as I forgot to ask. She is the one that tested my system against 200+ foods, and chemicals. I wondered how it was going to work and asked a lot of questions (and you say I never do anything for you).

First she explained our bodies carry an electrical current that travels vertically from our feet to our heads. This current can be disrupted by any number of things, but today we were testing foods. Eating a food your body struggles with pulls more energy to a certain area and affects the flow, the digestive system and any other organ in its way. She explained this is why you react differently to different foods.

To test that theory she asks you to hold a large metal cylinder with one hand, while sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. She than prods your other hand with a metal poker that carries the electronic break down of the foods you're testing. At no point did they rub milk all over me and wait for a reaction, its all internal and it doesn't hurt... except the constant pressure on your middle finger, which gets annoying. The results are sent to a computer and shown on a little graph. If the little line spikes above 65 you're intolerant of what is being tested. If it is below you're fine. The higher it is the worse it is for you to consume.

I hope this all makes sense.

Any who... after an hour Nancy had tested 234 things. She had a booklet of results and I had to discuss them with Nicole (my Naturopath). The only real concern she stumbled across was lettuce. I have a severe intolerance to lettuce, which is VERY rare... unless you are Celiac, which I am not (yay). She had to delve into my upbringing, because the only other reason you may have such a huge problem with Lettuce is the pesticide in the lettuce. So maybe i grew up on a farm or worked at on a farm with the constant contact with pesticide, but no. It's still a mystery and they recommended I avoid lettuce, unless its organic.

I never noticed any problem with Lettuce... although any digestive upset after eating lettuce was always attributed to the thing accompanying the lettuce. Sneaky Lettuce.

I left my appointments knowing what I should and shouldn't eat. Nothing will kill me, but its better for my health to avoid.

The other interesting thing... I am NOT lactose intolerant, but have a severe issue with Casine and Whey, the other proteins in milk products.

I am not intolerant to Gluten, but I can't have yeast or wheat... so I can have yeast free rye without concern, but that is a pain to find. I probably won't follow that rule to a tee, but its good to be aware.

The List of 'shouldn't's

Sodium Nitrate (the preservative in deli meats, bacon and sausage)
Dye, Red
Carageenan (the thickener in cheap ice cream, yogurt and soy milk)
Sodium Nitrite
Dye, Blue

White Vinegar
Yeast - Bakers
Soya Sauce

Red Wine
White Wine
Root beer

Peanut Oil
Corn Oil
Superheated Vegetable Oil (Anything deep fried)

Cream Cheese
American Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Cheddar Cheese *tear*

Red Snapper


Whole Wheat
White Flour
Wheat Bran

Sugar Cane
Brown Sugar
Beet Sugar


Sweet Pickles

It seems like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things its not. I just have to be aware of what I am putting into my body, which I should be anyways.

The biggest concern I have (according to Nicole) is the natural yeast in my system. Yeast is a beast and takes on its own life when left alone. I have always had an issues with bladder infections and yeast infections, but never knew why. Turns out my yeast is off the charts. In perspective the average woman is about a 40 on the scale of yeast (I don't know what the number means, so I made that last part up, but it will make sense in a minute, bare with me) My yeast scale is around 82. So its high.

Nicole went on to explain what that means. It means I am always suffering from the aforementioned infections. It also means I crave sweets. Yeast becomes its own being inside your body and it craves sweet things. It needs sugar to grow. Thus my sweet cravings have perpetuated the problem. This much yeast in my body also affects my digestive system, my liver and a few other organs.

Nicole said my biggest concern has to be to get my Yeast number down. In order to do that I have to stop feeding it and give up sugar... in all forms, including fruit. I am also taking an anti-fungal. It is helping to attack the yeast, but it is making me so sick. The headache is out of control and its VERY uncomfortable, but its all for a purpose and i think I am beginning to understand.

I don't do well with restrictions, but i do, do well with the 'why'. Explain WHY I need to do something and I am more likely to do it. If, of course, it makes sense. This makes sense to me.

And the scale continues to drop so I can't complain. Show me results and I will stick to it.

As of today I am 4 pounds away from my 20-10 New Years Resolution. I never thought I would make it this far. As soon as I meet that goal it is on to this years goal. Another 20 pounds and being the lowest I ever have been as an adult.

Whewf! This is a LONG ass post... the funny story will have to wait till later.


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