Tuesday, May 10, 2011

22 days and counting!

Yes! A little over 3 weeks and I am gyrating in my chair with excitement. I feel like there is SO much going on that after the fact I am going to feel a little empty. No more countdowns... I mean I should hit my weight countdown before the move (projected date, as per Loseit!, May 20th).  Then I move and everything has a chance to settle. Will I get bored? I do have a wedding to plan, but that's no fun.

On another fitness related event... I had to poke new holes in my belt. It was simply TOO big and I haven't had time to go buy another. I am also sure when I dig out my stuff from the basement and start to unpack I will find several belts waiting to be used.

Not much else to report... although I had a weird dream this morning I can't seem to get out of my head. I had twins. Although I wasn't pregnant, I don't remember labour and they were about 2 in my dream. They were identical twin girls. I am too superstitious to tell you their names, because I would like to use them one day, but they were VERY cute. It was so real... the scariest part was I felt detached. I didn't feel like a Mum. I didn't have instincts. On the up side I didn't gain any weight.

It was a very scattered dream and I had trouble going back to sleep after having it.



PS - I am NOT prego... just in case you were wondering or had suspicions about my dream.

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