Friday, March 9, 2012

Have you ever been overwhelmed by happy?

Yesterday I was... I couldn't even give the good news my full attention, because it all came at me SO fast. We're not going to talk about fitness in this blog... I skipped yoga to celebrate last night. I know... silly me.

Anyways, the last couple of months I have felt under appreciated, over worked and stalled at work. I accepted that I work to live and I don't live to work, but I have a pretty cool job (writing and voicing commercials for radio)... the last few months have been insanely busy with new programs (I developed) and new staff (I trained). I was feeling burnt out, under appreciated and honestly contemplated throwing up my hands and being a house wife. (There is the perk to Richard's unemployment... as the only income I had to tuck tail and keep quiet). I just wasn't getting the joy or excitement out of my job. The wedding planning had added to my stress, and the health issues added to the frustration. It's been a battle field inside my head for the last few months, willing myself forward, but finding NO pleasure in any of it.

Anyways (my get back to the point word)... yesterday I was honored by work, during a staff meeting (aka... swanky drinking party... its a radio thing). I was called to the front and awarded employee of the month. I also found out I am the only member of my team to make it to the finals at the 2012 Crystals (a radio industry award for creative writing and production). Amazing, right?! So that feels good and most of my animosity towards my current position was gone. I even got a large bouquet of flowers... that I had to carry home on the train (the one day I take public transit, figures!).

So that is amazing and I am grinning about it, but then I get an email telling me this other writing venture, I'm involved in, is being moved forward. I can't talk about the details, but it is probably the most amazing thing EVER! It involves testing motorcycles... I've already said too much.

Then on the train, with the large bouquet, grinning from ear to ear I get a phone call and the serving job I applied to (for extra wedding money and because I am not busy enough) wants to sit down and figure out a start date, because I am awesome.

AND THEN I get home to Richard and an amazing surprise, which involves a NEW Lululemon outfit. Eeeeee!

It was a good day to be me. I am a little overwhelmed with all my options, but its good. Its all good. Hopefully I can get things squared away and rolling to get this wedding paid off and my stress level down.

Ummm... Oh yea, AND I get to go see my wedding dress FOR. THE. FIRST. TIME. today.

I was afraid after a day like yesterday nothing would compare, but seeing my dress is pretty damn spectacular.

And finally in an effort to bring it back to fitness... Cassy and I are trying a Yoga Class tonight that includes LIVE music. It should be fun.


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