Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Do you have 7 minutes?

Ok, I am on a new trend; not in place of, but in unison. It’s called 7 minu—wait! You need to know about my birthday present first.

I was a very lucky girl that got an Apple Watch for her birthday (spoiled is a better word). I was gifted this treat to help with my health goals, it tracks workouts and my heartrate, reminds me to breath and tracks my steps and now coaches me during my workout.

It’s called 7-minute workout. It is exactly as the name describes. It’s a 7-minute body weight workout, no equipment required. And (this is the best part) I can launch it from my watch, which means an angry man gets in there and yells at me to work harder and the exercises are pictured on my watch with the countdown.

It is also full of challenges, you have to do it once a day, every day. If you skip a day you lose a life, (standard Mario Bros. rules applies). If you lose all 3 lives you get thrown back to the beginning and lose everything! I don’t even know what everything is, but I can’t lose it. It would be devastating!

So I started last night and, in my PJ’s completed my first 7 minutes. It was good! Enough of a challenge to be worth it, but realistic enough to squeak in before bed.

But everything is better with friends… so who is up for the 7-minute challenge?

Can you do 7 minutes a day?!?

Seven – 7 minute Workout Training Challenge
2016 App of the year

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