Monday, August 22, 2016

How is day two?

I am eating a bowl of cupcake goldfish as I type this. It's been a long day, but despite this 'dessert', I'm doing great. A long walk with the boys, a reasonable diet and a plan to hit the gym for a run/weight and swim. Yup... I am going swimming, at least that is the plan (Richard ducked out after dinner and has yet to return, in fact I am only typing this because I am sitting with a whiny toddler waiting for him to finish his dinner... it's been an hour. Eat the damn chicken. It was a fight to eat the broccoli (previously his favourite until Justin Time told him it smelled like dirty socks. Thanks Justin.) We got through that hurdle and now its chicken... the best chicken I have ever BBQ'd, juicy and delicious, neither man finished (sometimes I feel so appreciated).

Anyways... I think its been a good day, despite having no sleep and a wicked cold. Poor little Thomas was up all night with a dirty smoker cough and just wanted to snuggle (melt, which is hard to type because as we speak he is telling me he is very mad with me right now, because I am insisting he eat his dinner). Zac is so congested you can tell he is frustrated and claws at his sweet baby face and only really gets sleep when propped up on my chest... two kids, one Mum, you do the math #sotired

BUT I am going to the gym! I am going to go as soon as I can. I am going to run and read my book (Thank you Sophie for writing something I want to read) and then lift some weights and after a quick shower i am going to swim laps! woot! God, I hope I remember how to swim and I also hope there is not a crowd, because a more 'Mom' swimsuit does not exist... its that or wear a t-shirt in the pool, which I think draws more attention than owning the MOM suit.

Gah! As I type it I think about cancelling... I was hoping to be at the gym by now, but here I sit pleading with a toddler to EAT YOUR CHICKEN as tears stream down his cheeks (I am not demanding he eat it all, or clear his plate, but try it and actually swallow it, toddlers are so damn literal).

Times up... bath time for Thomas.

More to follow post workout... if I make it there at all.


Update; Monday circuit complete, details to follow in day 3s report #cliffhanger

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