Saturday, August 20, 2016


I am, apparently, the queen of starting a story and forgetting the ending. Please know it drives me crazy too... Especially when I'm back-reading to compare progress and I post, lead up, progress and NO follow up.

What happen on my *bike trip in 2010? Did I get my **thyroid resolved? Did I have a ***baby? Did I finish or win any challenges?

All loose ends... 

The challenge are the most relevant so let's make this post about them.

Challenge #1 - hosted by me, ran for 12 weeks and was a moderate success. I lost 20lbs and came in second overall, but it kind of went south at the end and only 2 competitors submitted their final weights (I had to cancel the final in person weigh in because of family issues, that got cancelled last minute anyways #drama). So Im not sure I will do it again. It was fun to play host, but not sure the participants enjoyed it as much as possible.

Challenge #2 - hosted by one of my darling (and competive) friends #youknowImright. It lasted for 4 weeks and I lost that one, I shed 13 pounds, but started over 100lbs heavier than my competitors (it pains me to say that). So my pounds lost had to be maginified to compete for percentage lost (sounds a lot like excuses). Our gracious winner is a beast so I am ok with losing to her, she killed it.

What else did I fail at? Running... yup, that didn't last. We had a huge heat wave and the interval running turned in to real running and I got bored (secretly I know my boredom stemmed from my inability to actually run for 28 minutes straight #moreexcuses).

I kicked Jillian, I had added her to my routine for some weight work during the day, but couldn't keep up-- oh god, I am noticing a pattern. I am never going to get somewhere I've never been, without doing something I have never done before #truth

Ok... not that I need to justify myself to anyone (yet isn't this the whole point of the blog?) but its time too. I don't prioritize my fitness/diet. I am a Mom first, a wife, an employee, a friend and then a gym rat. I also enjoy sleep and sometimes when I am up all night I skip a workout to get a nap (Sleep is vital to weight loss... right?)

I am now on another schedule (you're thinking oh geez, another 'plan' she is going to fail at),but this post may be the very reason I don't fail at this one. I have 6 weeks of workouts scheduled (across 3 gyms) and I am hoping a schedule will work. I want to lose 15lbs by the end... a wedding with some old friends that I want to look flawless at (Nothing motivated like having to dress up).

There she is... wish me luck. I am vowing for daily updates #yearight

The only thing I did hang on to were my rewards, which I am yet to reach but goal # 1 includes an entire day at the salon, which I desperately need #idontknowwhatmyhairisdoing #messyhairDOcare


*We rode over 3500km in 9 days, through snow, rain and tornadoes. I dropped my bike twice and ripped my rain suit. I shared a hotel room with three men, and survived. I tried a McLobster. Ew. I dragged my knee and lost my Nana's earring. It was awesome!

**I'm still 'hypo' despite being 'hyper' while pregnant. I take daily meds and am in the normal range #whateverthatis

**Actually TWO babies, but introduced over here, but never in a blog. Zac joined the team December 16 and might deserve his own post with all the complications that are relevant to my fitness progression. Do I dare at another 'stay tuned'? 

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