Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Dragon Hike

Dora the Explorer is always getting me in to trouble... she found a waterfall and since then Thomas has talked about the waterfall, so this morning we went in search of a waterfalls -- and dragons, but Thomas added that detail last minute, so we're still looking for the winged beasts.

I took the boys up to Tiffany Falls, its in Ancaster and after a short hike; over bridges and through rocks (thank goodness for my all terrain stroller #Bobisthebest), it opens up to a tall waterfall, cascading down the escarpment.

Thomas loved it, Zac loved it and so did I. I worked up a sweat, got some sun and spent the morning showing my boys you don't have to sit in front of a screen to be entertained (The irony is not lost that since there nap I have been working on the computer *facepalm*).

The house is a mess, I can't work on it and myself... I chose myself. The house will survive, the boys will create memories and I'll fit back into my old wardrobe.

I am off to the gym tonight (Against schedule) to try a vitural class (details to follow).


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