Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Missed a post, but not a workout!

First the promised update from Monday.

I got to the Goodlife up on the mountain around 7:30 and started on the elliptical. I did their 'variety' plan with lots of hills. 22 minutes of climbing and I headed to the weight, quick full body circuit and the swimming! I climbed into my Mom suit, showered and headed to the deck, anyone that knows me, knows I hate swimming/water, but it works out new muscles and adds variety so... Let's dive in. 

I swim like a frog, it's weird, but that's how my Nana taught me and it gets me through, keeps me a float and doesn't put my face underwater. I call it a win.

I decided to add to the fun with a Sauna after my swim. It was delicious. I used their fancy swimsuit dryer and headed home ready for bed.

Now Tuesday, tricky day, because I had a date to see a movie in the evening (more to follow). So I loaded Zachary up and we headed for a 4.01k. It was great, sweaty and fun. I doubt Zac loved it. He, like Thomas, is not a fan of the stroller, but until he can voice his opinion it doesn't count #politics

I tried to keep my diet in check because I knew movie meant popcorn and there was a plan (might have been my idea) to go for dessert afterwards. After all this was a date with my favourite Moms and we needed a good catch up.

The movie, BAD MOMS was awesome. If you haven't seen it you should. We were literally laughing out loud through most of it. I only bought a SMALL popcorn, no drink (I snuck in a green tea, shhhh!), no treats; still 340 calories *eye bulge*, but I did skip dinner so maybe it would be ok.

And then dessert, splurging is a part of living. I got the Fork Awakens and Sweet Mary of Jesus is was delicious, not to heavy and just-- fucking good.

I even logged my calories for the evening at well over 1200... I ended up hitting my 10,000 steps and went to bed feeling satisfied.

Less so on the scale this morning...


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