Monday, June 13, 2016

Mid weigh point #seewhatididthere

I have been a busy little girl, hosting challenging, launching businesses, returning to school, raising babies, training for a 10k and working on my diet. 

Blogging just didn't make the cut, when 10pm rolls around I am ready for bed. 

Oh and teething... My little monkey is up every couple of hours lately so I am pooped.

Who ever said sleep didn't affect weight loss is full of it. 

I can easily drop a pound of water weight after a full nights sleep (read; any duration, just uninterrupted).

Ok... It's been 4 days since I have gotten sleep hence the scattered nature of this post. 


It's the mid-way weigh in this week and I am excited to see the results. I am currently(as of last weigh in) down 13lbs and 4.6% body weight. Inches come on Wednesday, I am hoping for huge numbers as I feel smaller. 

BUT as if I don't have enough, I joined a second challenge; a pretty serious challenge with a group of highly competitive and successful Mamas. These are the women that make me better, not only are they raising babies and working, but they all kill it at the gym, eat clean and look fabulous. 

When they say, 'surround yourself with people better than yourself to be better', these are my people. 

So I forgot about challenge one and relaxed this weekend with all my favorite snacks. I forgot the rules and enjoyed the weekend, did I ever pay for it today with a 6lbs gain! How is that even possible??? 

Now I need to hustle for 48 hours to get back on track for Wednesday (mid weigh in challenge #1) and and then kill it for Friday (first result weigh in for challenge #2).

Water, I need water. It makes me feel little woozy, but the competition is just what I need. 

Wish me luck of Wednesday and stay tuned for my Friday update.


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